Luiz Henrique & Walter Wanderley - Popcorn [1968 Verve] U.S. - 320 kbps - 78 mb

What can I say about this yummy late 60's Brasilian Jazz-Pop crossover LP? LOTS! Those of us who've had that dopey song "Happy Birthday" sung to us, have never heard it sung this way. This version of that holiday favorite gets that Braz-Jazz reworking that's just the "Cat's Meow". VERY, VERY MEMORABLE! Next we're off to the "Caberet", which is a big tip off that, yes, he was dating young Liza Minelli at the time of this recording. I don't know who was smarter, but Luiz laid it to wax before she would do the film. So there! Good move Luiz. On both Liza & her taste in music. The whole record's great & there's even a Bossa version of "Home On The Range" which strikes me as very late 60's & slightly on a hit of acid. Home On The Range? Bizarre! A super sweet follow up to "Barra Limpa" from 1967 on the verve label also. This time with Walter Wanderley taking over where Sivuca left off on Barra Limpa. I simply adore any early to late 60's Verve LP's. This is another perfect example of their leading edge for U.S. Latin Jazz. Get this!

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Os Originais Do Samba - O Samba É A Corda...Os Originais A Cacamba [1972 RCA Victor] 320 kbps - 99 mb

This was my first exposure to this group some 10 years ago. I've since falling in love with this band's other LP's as well. This is good place to start though. The early 70's is a moment when the recording of Samba-Pop is reaching a peak. This is one such moment.

Os Originais Do Samba
O Samba É A Corda...Os Originais A Cacamba [1972 RCA Victor]

01. Do Lado Direito Da Rua Direita
02. Catimba Criolo
03. Ciranda, Cirandeia (Recife Em Dia De Festa)
04. Esperanças Perdidas
05. Cravos E Rosas
06. As Três Capitais
07. Eu Vou Pagar Para Ver
08. Tchuna Marucaiaô
09. Boi Bumbá
10. E Lá Se Vão Meus Aneis
11. Tereza
12. Lá Vem Salgueiro
13. A Volta Do Ponteiro

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P.S. A Samba Masterpiece! This session is on fire. If you find yourself enjoying this album, then don't miss either - Alegria de Sambar [1975 RCA Victor] or Os Bons Sambistas Vão Voltar [1977 RCA Victor]. Both are excellent.


Wanda Sá - Wanda Vagamente [1964 RGE] 256 kbps - 59 mb (Reup)

I post this one simply to provide some context to my Edu Lobo offering. This lovely lady is the wife of Edu & this happens to be one the great Bossa sessions. Fans of Nara or any of the lovely ladies of this era such as Dóris Monteiro, Claudette Soares or Gracinha Leporace will love this. One of the all time great LP covers. Great design! Every time I play this record I'm singing track one "Adriana" for days. A very enjoyable listen & a fine debut.

Wanda Sá - Wanda Vagamente [1964 RGE]

01. Adriana (Luiz Fernando Freire - Roberto Menescal)
02. E Vem O Sol (Paulo Sergio Valle - Marcos Valle)
03. Encontro (Nelson Motta - Wanda Sá)
04. Só Me Fez Bem (Edu Lobo - Vinicius de Moraes)
05. Mar Azul (João Vitório - Francis Hime)
06. Também Quem Mandou (Carlos Lyra - Vinicius de Moraes)
07. Tristeza De Nós Dois (Maurício Einhorn - Durval Ferreira - Bebeto)
08. Vivo Sonhando (Tom Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes)
09. Sem Mais Adeus (Francis Hime - Vinicius de Moraes)
10. Inútil Paisagem (Tom Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes)
11. Tristeza De Amar (Luiz Roberto - Geraldo Vandré)
12. Vagamente (Roberto Menescal - Ronaldo Bôscoli)

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P.S. This is the Japanese re-issue on the Bomba imprint & that always means beautiful re-mastering.