St. Julian Samba Showdown 39 by J Thyme '14 by J Thyme - 192 kbps - 198 mb

St. Julian Samba Showdown 39 by J Thyme '14 by J Thyme

01. Irmãos De Sol - Wilson Simonal (1972)
02. A Procura de Um Mundo Melhor - Os Caçulas (1969)
03. Pranto Livre - Elza Soares (1974)
04. Sabiá Roxa - Os Tincoãs (1973)
05. É Sempre Assim - Ângela Maria (1971)
06. Chuva, suor e cerveja - Brazilian Singers (1972)
07. Verde e Branco - Sonia Santos (1975)
08. Dentes Brancos Do Mundo - Claudette Soares (1969)
09. Eu Nao Tenho Ninguem - Claudia Regina (1973)
10. Terremoto - João Donato (1973)
11. Chegando - Quinteto Ternura (1974)
12. Amazonas - Roberto Menescal (1969)
13. I Say A Little Prayer - Brasilia Modern Six (1969)
14. Mais Kriola - Helio Matheus (1975)
15. Não Sei - Sonia Santos (1976)
16. Santos, Em Outros Tempos - Mano Décio da Viola (1975)
17. Procissão - Luiz Gonzaga (1971)
18. Esse Meu Cantar - João Nogueira (1979)
19. O Vento Que Soprou - Pacífico Mascarenhas (1971)
20. Helena & I - Mario Castro-Neves (1973)
21. Canaa - Carlos Lyra (1975)
22. 3 Horas Da Manha - Tamba Trio (1975)
23. Meu Barato - Ed Lincoln (1971)
24. Meu Refrao - Dóris Monteiro (1966)

An end of Summer offering to friends of this page.  Hope you find something to enjoy here.  Put together with the greatest love for this era of Brasilian popular song.  
All 39 volumes equals 950 tracks.  We have listened to many songs!

The one quality that guides this series is FIDELITY!  Track 18 "Esse Meu Cantar" by João Nogueira is Ultra High Fidelity.  Listen to the bass saturation.  Clean.  Warm.  Full of centered depth.  High Art!

Gary McFarland - Soft Samba [1964 Verve] 320 kbps - 76 mb (Reup)

I present this disc to go with my last 3 posts. This is so in an easy spirit & could almost be passed over as not really that important, but it kinda is. I think this record is important on few levels. First, God bless Gary for his warm embrace of the hottest young team of songwriters called The Beatles. How Jazz of him to cool down their hot tunes with a lovely Gary McFarland reading. Perhaps he shows how "Elevator Music" they are already? The other clue is the Samba in the title. This is so aware of all that's blooming on the early 60's landscape. From a kiss to James Bonds "From Russia With Love" to Bossa, to "The Beatles", to "La Vie En Rose". This is only a 29 minute little breeze of a set, but what a lovely breeze just passed. Full of warmth & a very light heart. I think this would sit nicely with the other 3 discs that I've just presented. One last thing, this is the very same moment on the Verve label as "Getz/Gilberto" [1963 Verve] U.S. & "Getz/Gilberto #2" [1964 Verve] U.S. & we know how large those sets loom. "Soft Samba" was one of the better selling LP's of that time & that's good considering that "The Beatles" were getting ready to take over for the next few years & would basically push Jazz way out of the limelight FOREVER. A sweet Jazz album of excellent vibes & scat vocalizing by Gary & gang. Enjoy.

File Under: Latin Jazz/ U.S. Bossa Jazz