Wilson Simonal - Se Dependesse De Mim [1972 Philips] 320 kbps - 121 mb (reup)

I'm reposting this disc.  This page has been blessed with a deluxe rip from our friend Greg Caz.  All tracks from the original disc plus 4 bonus tracks from singles of the same moment.  Thank you Greg!

Wilson Simonal - Se Dependesse De Mim [1972 Philips]
01. Se Dependesse De Mim
02. Quarto De Tereza
03. Irmãos De Sol
04. Mexerico Da Candinha
05. Maria
06. Saravá
07. Feitio De Oração
08. Gloria e Paz Nas Alturas
09. Ninguém Tasca (O Gavião)
10. Expresso 2222
11. A Quem Interessar Possa
12. Noves Fora
13. Não Me Deixe Sozinho
14. BONUS: Tanauêra
15. BONUS: Paz e Arroz
16. BONUS: Homem De Verdade
17. BONUS: Viva Em Paz

Hands down my favorite album by this amazing singer.  I like the switch to the Philips label.  The production and song choices are simply amazing.  Standout tracks for me are, "Irmãos De Sol" with it's heavenly vocal arrangement and Wilson's voice just soars to the heavens on this one.  The angels sing!
"Feitio De Oracao" with it's jazzy stylings and smooth delivery from Wilson's suave voice.  Wonderful arrangement!  "Paz e Gloria Nas Alturas",  lovely buildup and very nice choral payoff and funky, funky, funky finish.   "Expresso 2222" retells Gilberto Gil's composition and polishes it up with very fleshed production and outstanding choral backing.  Incredible recording on every level.  A real treat for fans of MPB of this era.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks - great album! Unfortunately missing track 4 - Mexerico Da Candinha. Best, dan-the-man

  2. If you have a better rip please share it. This is the version I have.

  3. Nice to see you back.My favourite Brazilian site bar none.I've learned so much about Brazilian music from you.Any chance uploading Grupo Maniesto vol 2.I love Graciana Leporace as much as you and i can't find vol. 2 anywhere.And a re up of Luiz Henriques Barra Limpa would be nice as well.
    I can but ask! cheers from London UK

  4. Thanks for this share--great stuff!