Burnier & Cartier - Burnier & Cartier [1974 RCA] 320 kbps - 83 mb (Reup)

I love this back photo. These artists are actually looking at musical notation on a page. How refreshing!

I've reuped this one again. I can not get behind this amazing album enough. This duo made only 2 LP's together, this being the first. Once again the engineers at RCA are in peak form with their recording quality, but then again they really have something to work with here. I will mention that Octavio Burnier is the nephew of Luiz Bonfá, as can be noted by the Bonfá compositions & the dedication on the back of the record. This LP is a masterpiece of Pop Fusion. This guitar duo has such magical interplay. Listen carefully to the point/counterpoint work of the playing here. Real Pop craft on this debut. Drawing from the best elements floating around the early 70's Pop landscape. A little "Chicago", a little "Nilson", a little "Seals & Croft", A little "Yes" and a little "Crosby, Stills & Nash" to name a few of the things I hear. God bless the Japanese for remastering & reissuing this GEM. For extra added pleasure, break out the headphones & kick back & enjoy the ride. A great recording! Full of rare brilliance & oozing with fidelity. The tape saturation here is God-like. An amazing recording!

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P.S. My friends who enjoy early 70's Pop-Rock, don't miss this!
I'll use the grading system from "This Is Spinal Tap" & call this one an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10
Also, this is the record that really tipped my off to how good the engineers at RCA Victor studios really are!  The fidelity here is high science.


St. Julian Samba Showdown 36 by J Thyme '13 - 193 mb - 192 kbps

St. Julian Samba Showdown 36 by J Thyme '13

01. Comunicação-Camisa 10 - Helio Matheus (1975)
02. Cadê Yayá - Reginaldo Bessa (1979)
03. Caleidoscopio - Vox Populi (1969)
04. A Velha - Paulinho Tapajós (1974)
05. Leao de Bronze - Quinteto Ternura (1974)
06. Santo Antonio Tira A Dor - Edson & Aloísio (1972)
07. Baobá - Cláudia (1971)
08. É De Quá-Quá-Quá - El Cubanito (1972)
09. Mon Ami - José Roberto (1970)
10. Nem Saudade - Eliana Pittman (1972)
11. Luzes Camera Acao - Betinho (1971)
12. Malandro Velho - Seginho Meriti (1981)
13. Vou Partir - Elizeth Cardoso (1965)
14. Simone - Angla Valle & Eustraquio Sena (1972)
15. Só Lágrimas - Djalma Dias (1973)
16. Garoto Paissandu - Dóris Monteiro (1969)
17. Manequim - Trio Ternura (1971)
18. Quem Vem La - Grupo Manifesto (1968)
19. Ossaim - Tamba Trio (1974)
20. Em Cima Da Hora - Guilherme Vergueiro (1980)
21. Exaltação A Tiradentes (Império Serrano - Samba-Enredo 1949) - Elis Regina & Escola De Samba Acadêmicos Do Salgueiro (1971)
22. Pedi Ao Céu - Os Originais Do Samba (1978)
23. Encabulada - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1972)
24. Vou Me Embora - Paulo Diniz (1973)

scat 2 |skat|(also scat singing )nounimprovised jazz singing in which the voice is used in imitation of an instrument.verb ( scats, scatting scatted no obj. ]sing in such a way.ORIGIN 1920s: probably imitative.Track 7, Baobá by Cláudia is a most excellent Scat Vocal.  Thank you Greg.  Great pick!Track 20, Em Cima Da Hora by Guilherme Vergueiro is another stunning example of this style used to very good effect in Brasilian song.Another favorite element of mine in Brasilian song is the use of "Call and Resonse".  Listen to track 8, "É De Quá-Quá-Quá" by El Cubanito for a great use of this element.  What a fun song!  Thank you Greg!  Great find!  Viva Bahia, Salvador!!!

The biggest thank you to Greg Caz & Supernut MaraRecords.  Hey Greg, that El Cubanito is fantastic!  Thanks again for being my guide into this amazing musical landscape.

Osmar Milito - Nem Paleto, Nem Gravata [1973 Atco] 320 kbps - 96 mb (Reup)

This record is perfect in every way! Great composition, great production, amazing keyboard work & arranging by Osmir & superb vocal work too. The pacing on this LP is flawless. No wrong move here. Trust your buddy & his friend Greg on this post. Thank you Greg for this very fine share. Enjoy!


St. Julian Samba Showdown 35 by J Thyme '13 - 320 kbps - 197 mb

St. Julian Samba Showdown 35 by J Thyme '13

01. Isso é Muito Bom - Kris & Cristina (1973)
02. O Dia Em Que El Rei Voltou A Terra De Santa Cruz - Sivuca (1979)
03. Catavento - Alaide Costa (1976)
04. Papa Rua - Os Vips (1971)
05. Esrada Do Sol - Os Incriveis (1973)
06. Capital Do Samba - Eliana Pittman (1974)
07. Xangô, O Vencedor - Ruy Maurity (1976)
08. Menina Esperança - Marcos Samm (1970)
09. Serjane - Seginho Meriti (1981)
10. As Moças - Djalma Dias (1973)
11. Canto Puro Amor - Conjunto Sambacana (1969)
12. Vapor De Cachoeira - Edson & Aloísio (1972)
13. Lúcia Esparadrapo - Betinho (1971)
14. Samba Das Aguas - Noriel Vilela (1968)
15. Amaralina - Quarteto Em Cy (1967)
16. Andréa - Joyce (1969)
17. Ignez - Dila (1971)
18. Juazeiro - Orlandivo (1976)
19. Sexto Sentido - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1974)
20. Sol Quarenta Graus - Trio Ternura (1971)
21. Rosa Da Gente - Nara Leão (com Edu Lobo) (1969)
22. Violão, Meu Rei - Dóris Monteiro (1969)
23. Cabelo Pixaim - Emilio Santiago (1978)
24. Agiboré - MPB-4 (1972)
25. Alvoroco - Lenny Andrade (1973)
26. De Mala e Cuia - Dominguinhos (1976)

C'mon, you know this is a candy store raid.  That is, if MPB is your candy?

scat 2 |skat|(also scat singing )nounimprovised jazz singing in which the voice is used in imitation of an instrument.verb ( scats, scatting scatted no obj. ]sing in such a way.ORIGIN 1920s: probably imitative.I love Scat-Singing!   Track 3, Catavento by Alaide Costa is as good as it gets for an example of what scat-singing is!  Listen up!

My other favorite element of Brasilian song craft is the choral singing.  When we consider the roots of the form and that it began as Church singing and how it transformed into something altogether modern is quite a delight!  Those are some jazzy angels!  Ha, ha.

For an example of a choral delight of mine, just listen to "Canto Puro Amor" by Conjunto Sambacana.  The angels sing, and oh, what hip angels they are!  Very cool twist on Church Choral Singing.  Those are some swinging angels!