Trio Ternura - Trio Ternura [1971 CBS] 320 kbps - 83 mb

Trio Ternura - Trio Ternura [1971 CBS]

01. Sol Quarenta Graus
02. Sempre Existe Alguem
03. Uma Sombra Na Estrada
04. Liz
05. A Garota Do Sorriso De Marshmellow
06. Por Isso Eu Digo: Brasil Eu Fico
07. Manequim
08. Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso
09. Ve Se Da Um Jeito Nisso
10. Cartao Postal
11. Tenho Amor Comigo
12. Ah! Se Eu Pudesse

Beyond words incredible!  Brasilian Soul-Pop at its very finest.  Outstanding production on each and every track.  Just perfect and one I've grown to fall in love with more deeply with each listen.  This one has been growing on me for well over ten years.  A classic of Soul-Pop.  Grab this!

P.S.  For my lovely wife Miranda.  We jammed on this all summer.


  1. Hi J Thyme. I recieved an error while extracting the file. Reupping would be much appreciated :)