Ana Maria E Mauricio vol.2 [1972 Chantecler] 320 kbps - 82 mb

Ana Maria E Mauricio vol.2  [1972 Chantecler]

01. Caminho Livre
02. O Trem Azul
03. Recungue
04. Do Lado De Ca
05. Fatal, Fatal
06. O Galho Da Roseira
07. Serearei
08. Mandato
09. Cara De Paquera
10. O Mar E Meu Chao
11. Podes Crer
12. Loucura Pouca E Bobagem

I offer these words by our dear friend of this page Greg Caz.

"Anamaria and Mauricio were a mystery co-ed vocal duo of the early 70s about which very little is known, a la Barbara & Ernie. They were discovered by Antonio Adolfo singing in a club in São Paulo around 1969 and he resolved to get them signed and produce them, resulting in their 1970 debut release, "No No No...Estamos Na Nossa," a pleasant and groovy sunshine pop/bossa outing on which they were back by a later iteration of the Jongo Trio. Its tracklist was a sweet collection of gems by Adolfo, Marcos Valle, Ivan Lins, Ruy Maurity and others. Following its release, A & M contributed a few tracks to TV Novela soundtracks and released several singles while preparing their second LP which would turn to be both their masterpiece and their final release, "Vol. 2." This album showed them growing and expanding their musical universe by leaps and bounds, roping in the likes of Hermeto Pascoal and Arthur Verocai to create a stunningly mature and consistent, and at times even experimental, set of tracks. Everything from sharp jazzy samba/bossa to progressive pop to baroque flourishes to semi-musique-concrete passages make "Vol. 2" an outstanding and highly memorable release. A & M sadly faded from the scene in the years following "Vol. 2"'s 1972 release, and one or the other of them is said to have perished in a car accident later in the 70s, although no concrete documentation seems to exist anywhere to confirm this due to the duo's unjust obscurity. But their recorded work, a brief and precious catalog, remains and speaks quite loudly for itself."

Thank you Greg for these insights and sharing these with this page.