Paulo Diniz - E Agora Jose [1973 Odeon] 320 kbps - 79 mb

Very, very nice!  Excellent fidelity here.  Lindolfo Gaya as musical director is respectfully noted.


  1. Gracias por este aporte casi no se ven discos de Paulo Diniz por la web ultimamente!

  2. Hey!

    You can't imagine how GLAD I feel to find your blog.

    I am Brazilian and must say that you know more about Brazilian music than I do! Your blog is just brilliant!

    I wish I could know it before, when I was living in London (last year) to meet you and listen to some good music. Now I'm living in Edinburgh...

    I am a huge fan of Jorge Ben (I've been approx. to 15 gigs, not sure). For me, the brazilian music should be divided between before and after him.

    Anyway, there are a few bands (samba and samba-rock)in the music scene I recommend you to check out. Get in touch, mate: betoalp@hotmail.com

    ps: I will share your blog with a few mates in Brazil that, for sure, will just go CRAZY about the content.

    ps2: GREAT WORK, again!

  3. jose mauricio- MACEIO-AL. cd que eu considero um dos melhores do paulo diniz, parabens ao blog pelo post. FELIZ NATAL a voce e familia. abracao.