St. Julian Samba Showdown 32 by J Thyme (2012) 320 kbps - 186 mb

Happy spring everyone!  With all my love, Jus.  I'm such a nice guy that I made each one of these compilations 70 minutes long, so that you could rip these to a CD.   For those who still use CD's?
I'm also such a nice guy, that I laid out the covers so that you could easily locate a good LP should you care to buy one?  That's the kind a guy I am.  Kind!  Gotta go now.  The Samba line is passing by now & it looks like such good fun I'm jumping aboard.  Bye!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 32 by J Thyme (2012)

01. Suzana - Arnoldo Medeiros (1975)
02. Roda de Samba - Maestro Jose Briamonte (1967)
03. Tudo Joia - Orlandivo (1976)
04. Mestre Antônio - Dóris Monteiro (1974)
05. Pé de Bode - Antônio Carlos e Jocafi (1978)
06. Lenço Branco - Eliana Pittman (1980)
07. Barão das Cabrochas/ Que Bate-Fundo É Esse? - Marçal (1978)
08. Tarde De Verão - Samba 4 (1973)
09. Com Que Roupa - Maria Creusa (1975)
10. Eu Vou Pagar Para Ver - Os Originais Do Samba (1972)
11. Areia, Areia - Zuzuca (1972)
12. Quero Que Volte - Lui Ayrão (1977)
13. Saravando Xango - Noriel Vilela (1968)
14. La Mulata - Emilio Santiago (1975)
15. Sex Appeal - Marilia Pera (1971)
16. Garota De Aquarius - Betinho (1971)
17. Ai Meu Calo - Ivon Cury (1973)
18. Panorama, Segundo Rodrigo - Rildo Hora (1971)
19. Irmaos Coragem - Jair Rodrigues (1970)
20. Tapa Na Tristeza - Wando (1973)
21. O Dia Que O Diabo Roubou O Bar - Arnaud Rodrigues (1976)
22. Cirandeira - Nonato E Seu Conjunto (1978)
23. Mané João - Téo Azevedo (1974)
24. Você Quer Voltar - Grupo Fundo de Quintal (1980)
25. Desacato - Claudia (1972)


  1. Wonderful as always, brazilian killer grooves reference....

    Supernut MaraRecords

  2. thank you: 2 in a row cornucopia!
    already enjoying many of the cuts here, for example the Maria Creuza (Creusa?) and Marilia Pera. really have to get that Noriel Vilela LP, since his voice is so distinctive and I also love his cut on Showdown #31. the Carlos Lyra is another #31 fave, part of the amazing sequence that includes the Ana Mazzotti. look forward to many more listens of #s 31 & 32!

    the Ely Arcoverde LP arrived! also have 3 more on the way - all J Thyme inspired:
    * Joao So - Nao Multidao
    * Ana Mazzotti - Ninguem Vai Me Segurar
    * Jorginho Pessanha - To Muito Na Minha
    I try to collect all the LPs that you pick many cuts from, or sometimes there's one track that I just have to have (e.g. that Ana Mazzotti, although I also love your previous 2 choices from same LP).

    thanks for sharing your listening adventures - it's like getting ZAPPED with a high intensity beam of musical light!

  3. Thanks Supernut & thank you for all of your feedback Paul.

  4. I can't tell what I love most about the return of spring: the warm evenings, or having re-disovered this blog. I BBQd last night at our neighborhood pool while listening to this comp, snapping the tongs in time to the rhythm, not caring at all that everyone was staring at me.
    The chorus in that Claudia song must be one of the top 20 most beautiful sounds in the world. Long live J Thyme...Kind!!!!!!

  5. Hi Danny. Thanks for the feedback. Very kind of you. I almost left that last track off because I thought it might be too slow a closer. Glad someone taught me otherwise.

  6. J Thyme- Never fear the slow closers! Those are some of my favorites. Have you heard Gal Costa's version of "Ate quem sabe"? Another beautiful slow one. I'm still somewhat new to MPB- Any recommendations from this site for a fan of Antonio Carlos E Jobim, Erasmo Carlos, Joao Donato, Osmar Milito & Djalma Dias (those are my favorites from your site so far)? Thanks again!

  7. Danny, I'm a big fan of the RCA Victor label. Try anything on that label.
    Don't miss, Betinho - Os Maiores Sucessos De Betinho or
    João Só - João Só, Na Multidão. Both are great!

  8. Thank you very much! I discovered so much great music through your compilations, it's a whole new musical world to enjoy.

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  9. Just found your blog and am having a great time grooving to MPB here in Minnesota. Your compilations are amazing. Wondering if you'd consider re-upping Erasmo Carlos "Sonhos e Memorias"-- I have it on wax but would love a few tracks for my car...

  10. Thanks! I'll keep watch! :)

  11. Thank you very much for all this beautiful music :)

  12. Another awesome mix! Thanks a million my friend. You have been turning us on to new sounds and supplying us with the best comps for years! The album cover art is a huge bonus too. Se lo agradezco mucho!

  13. excellent mix have just found your site, i shall enjoy trawling through your mixes wonderful site glad i found you.

  14. really beautiful music, have you listened to any music from the Far Out label, have produced vinyl for them in the past, just love brazilian music keep up the good work, thanks for sharing again!