St. Julian Samba Showdown 31 by J Thyme '12 - 196 MB - 192 kbps

Greetings everyone!  A very happy spring to friends of this page.  A little something from my home to yours.  25 lovely tracks to delight the senses...if South American song is your thing?  I know there are a few of you out there.  For those who do enjoy this culture, then joy awaits!  Alegria!  Alegria!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 31 by J Thyme '12

01. Ladrão Que Entra Na Casa De Pobre Só Leva Susto - Elias de Lima (1972)
02. Linha Na Pipa - Ana Rosely (1977)
03. Bola Branca (Loteria Esportiva) - Germano Mathias (1971)
04. Frevo Do Saberé - Os Originais Do Samba (1973)
05. Me Achei De Novo - Jair Rodrigues (1972)
06. Só o ôme - Noriel Vilela (1968)
07. Parei Na Sua - Abilio Martins (1970)
08. Festa Crioula - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1978)
09. Tua Beleza/ Não Diga A Ela Minha Residência - Marçal (1978)
10. Vou Deitar E Rolar (Quaquaraquaqua) - Dóris Monteiro (1970)
11. Coco Só Coco - Medida Certa (1978)
12. Se Quiser Valer - Os 3 Morais (1971)
13. Ultimamente - Fernando Ribeiro (1976)
14. Só Quero Sambar - Bebeto (1975)
15. Dia Da Caça - Ivon Curi (1973)
16. Dez Pras Seis - Nonato Buzar (1971)
17. Pecado Capital - Paulinho da Viola (1975)
18. Maria Sapatão - Chacrinha (1984)
19. Você Pode Partir - Zuzuca (1972)
20. Pressentimento - Elza Soares (1972)
21. Adeus à Solidão - Dona Ivone Lara (1979)
22. Moço - Betinho (1974)
23. Agora Ou Nunca Mais - Ana Mazzotti (1974)
24. O Mutilado - Carlos Lyra (1975)
25. Capitao De Industria - Djalma Dias (1972)

P.S.  I would like to say that the number of downloads on these compilations and the amount of comments do not match at all.  If you find yourself enjoying this series, then please leave a "thank you" in my comment box.  I don't get paid to do these and a simple "thank you" is not much to ask.


  1. Hooray! a lot of fresh albums here - looking forward to hearing - thank you!

  2. Now I feel better! Muito obrigado!

  3. Michael, if you eat too many pieces of candy your teeth start to hurt. Let's hope this is not too much sweetness for your teeth to handle?

    Paul, thanks for stopping by.

  4. This was well worth the wait! I'm going to have this showdown on heavy rotation.
    Many, many thanks!

  5. The sunshine arrives! Thank you

  6. As usual 1st class brazilian music, congratulations!

  7. Amazing work as usual! keep it up!

  8. The best thing that could happen these days. Thanks a lot!

  9. Thanks for stopping by Jörn. You're always most welcome my German friend of Brasilian song.

  10. Thank you very much for your time to put these compilations together on a regular basis!

    I know how long it takes, to but just one compilation together, not to mention the artwork you're always doing.

    Because of you, I discovered so many new artists!

    Best wishes, Raphaël

    PS. What is the reason, that you decided to upload it just in 192kbs quality? Going back to higher rates in the future?

  11. Thanks for stopping by Raphaël. The 192 kbps rip is because the volume was so large I had to bump the size down to fit it on Mediafire. A free account allows only 200 mgs per file. This page is for review of LP's. If you must have the best quality of an LP visit: http://www.mararecords.com/

  12. thanks!
    greeting from Brazil!

  13. Hey you are the man! Been downloading for some time without thanking you and have discovered such beauty and joy through your erudite and tasteful selections! Hey thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Fanx! Steve B

  14. Oi Tudo bem? I would like to Thank you very much for these compilations. I've discovered somethings on here I've never heard. Obrigadao e grande abracos.

  15. hey Justin,i've been enjoying these a long time and I'm sorry I haven't given love sooner. My hard drive recently crashed so I'm feeling the last few months of emptiness with out your great comps. slowing re capturing what is still left on here.

    many thanks


  16. thanks for the compilations! i'm new to brazilian music (mostly listen to disco and house music) - this is a breath of fresh air!

  17. JT, the SJSS series has been an incredible blessing for me - I've been slowly working my way through them this year and have SOOO much appreciation for the time and energy you put into this. I really appreciate your writings and opinions too. Thank you!

  18. My god, "Festa Crioula" has almost immediately become a top 10 song in my collection--any country, any genre, any time. And I would never have found it but for your site. Thanks for what you do.