St. Julian Samba Showdown 30 by J Thyme (2011) 320 kbps - 188 mb

My message with this series is pretty simple. Look at the cover art. It communicates a love of the "LP" and "The Song". Look at the cover art. It says,"here's a great LP and a song from that LP." That said, here's 25 more tasty bites of sound sushi. I could eat these all day long.
Wow. Did we just listen to 726 tracks? That was fun. Let's do it again real soon! I just love Brasilian song from the sunny shores of the 60's/70's. Our time-travel machine transports us safely from the easy glide postion. Enjoy the ride.
Happy holidays everyone. A season's greetings from me to fans of this page & new ones too. Welcome & Enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 30 by J Thyme (2011)

01. Das 200 Para Lá - Eliana Pittman (1971)
02. Ninguém Ensaiou - Os Magnatas Do Samba (1971)
03. Em Cada Verso Em Cada Samba - Juan Bourbon (1972)
04. Ao Amigo Tom - Claudette Soares (1971)
05. Do Lado De Ca - Ana Maria E Mauricio (1972)
06. Briguemos - Briguemos (1977)
07. Muito Obrigado - Djavan (1976)
08. Catimba Criolo - Os Originais Do Samba (1972)
09. Coração - Paulinho Da Viola (1971)
10. Pelas Ruas Do Recife - Cynara E Cybele (1968)
11. Sete Boia - Abaetê (1977)
12. Beija-Me - Marcos Samm (1970)
13. Bonita - Antonio Carlos & Jocafi (1971)
14. Antes Que A Tristeza Venha - Cyro Aguiar (1976)
15. Incompatibilidade de Genios - João Bosco (1976)
16. Despedida De Mangueira - Johnny Alf (1971)
17. Quem Vem De La - MPB 4 (1970)
18. Morrendo Verso Em Verso - João Nogueira (1972)
19. Patota De Ipanema - Maria Creuza (1973)
20. Acreditar - Roberto Ribeiro (1976)
21. Comunicação - Dóris Monteiro (1970)
22. A Historia Se Repete - Sivuca (1979)
23. Roda Mundo - Ana Mazzotti (1974)
24. Casa De Bamba - Martinho Da Vila (1969)
25. É Isso Aí Moço - Jorginho Pessanha (1971)

This series is nothing more then an experiment in continuity. It's also a look at a highly literate musical culture. I can learn something about "Musical Literacy" from this culture! Bravo to that!


  1. Thank you for giving us the musical goods we love. Peace

  2. Thanks for stopping by Matt. Glad there's someone out there who enjoys this era of music and my feel for it. This series is my pleasure.

  3. Haven't been here for quit a while, but when you come back here as a fan of Samba and MPB, you either find a new, meticulously compiled mix of the most beautiful sounds Brazil has to offer or ... while waiting for the next rendition retreat to one of the 29 (and now 30) existing compilations. Isn't that a win-win-situation? Thank you!

  4. Just like the bus named "Further" of the Merry Pranksters. Onward!

  5. On a cold winter afternoon in New York City Samba Showdown 30 takes me back to Brazil where I want to be.
    Another fantastic musical journey!

  6. Still high on quality. Thank you so much!

  7. Could you reup this one? Thank you very much for your work man!

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  9. What a wonderful 75 minutes of music---all killer, no filler---perfectly programmed so it's a varied mix. The artists I'm not that familiar with, I now want to explore further. Many thanks for the time and work you put into this thoughtful compilation!

  10. Thank you kindly sir. One thing though. All of my compilations from this series are only 70 minutes in length. Each is designed to be ripped to CD. Have fun!

  11. hey man, all this good music is making me feel good, think good and act good. yay! thank you so much for all your work. could you re-up no. 30? many thanks, abracos!

  12. This link works. Click on the header.