Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax - Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax [1976 Pirata - São Paulo ] 320 kbps - 76 mb

Hey everybody. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I decided to post an LP that I once had up on this page about 3 years ago. So here's Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax from 1976 on the Pirata label out of São Paulo. I've really grown to love this little session with its amazing blend of Samba rhythms meets U.S. Soul & Funk. Fans of 70's U.S. Soul & Funk should be right at home here. If you like Earth, Wind & Fire then you might enjoy this groovy little LP. This is a nice set with at least 8 of the 10 tracks being very listenable & worthy of your time. Fans of the Samba Showdowns will certainly know a few of these selections from the series. Please enjoy Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax. Thank you Greg Caz for this share!  Many, many thanks!

Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax - Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax [1976 Pirata - São Paulo]

01. Na Cara Desse Cara
02. Coluna Do Meio
03. Na Passarela
04. Nanar Contigo
05. My Brother Zeca
06. Tá Legal
07. Nega Louca
08. Santa Inquisição
09. Ave Anne
10. Tributo A Martin Luther King/Black Is Beautiful/What's Going On?

P.S. Don't be fooled by the lightweight album cover with the barely sketched figures because the sounds inside are nicely produced for a tiny little session. Really!


  1. Hey hey! Welcome back. Sorry to hear of your dearly departed. Whatever you manage—and whenever—will be just fine. Always appreciate your taste.

  2. Hey Gil. Thanks. Be back with a post in the coming weeks.

  3. Nice stuff, missed this the first time around, thanks!

  4. Really missed you. So glad you're back. Sorry for your loss. Can't wait to hear your new posts. And yes...we desperately need another SHOWDOWN! - Greetz from Germany!

  5. Hi Jörn, I'm curious how it is that someone from Germany is in love with MPB. What is about Brasilian song that keeps you coming back for more?

  6. Well, it's this special kind of musical feeling. When I listen to this sound in winter, I get a warm feeling of summer. What can be better, when it gets dark and depressing after 5 p.m.? - And in Summer, it makes this time of year even better. I think, it's the only kind of music I'd like to listen to all through the year. It's doesn't fit to the German feeling, so it's a wonderful kind of escapism and it always gives me a good mood.
    Oh, there's more: So many, many great melodies, unusual instruments, great voices, nice language and fantastic musicians. I'm always looking forward to discover new records of the 60's and 70's (the time before the syrupy sythesizers) - this is what I like best.

  7. Wonderful.
    Good man yourself.

  8. yeah!!! "coluna do meio" is a bomb. tk u so much

  9. Merci beaucoup pour cet album que je cherchais depuis quelques temps déjà.
    Funky Fred From France

  10. I don't speak French Funky Fred, but I'll assume that you want me to reup this?