St. Julian Samba Showdown 24 by J Thyme (2010) - 200 mb - 288 kbps

Question? How do you eat an elephant?
Answer. One bite at a time.
That's what I attempt to do with the GREAT BRASILIAN SONGBOOK. Digest it... one bite at a time.
Let's take a couple nibbles. With love, from Justin Thyme. For fans of 70's MPB. Enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 24 by J Thyme (2010)

01. Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1974)
02. Nega Louca - Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax (1976)
03. Ora, Acho Que Vou-Me Embora - Dóris Monteiro (1972)
04. Sou Batuqueiro Sim - Zuzuca (1972)
05. Deus Não Castiga Ninguém - Beth Carvalho (1977)
06. Fotos e Fatos - Elton Medeiros (1973)
07. Quero Voltar Pro Nordeste - Marlene Vidal (1978)
08. Uma Rosa Pra Dita - Os Incriveis (1973)
09. Boi da Cara Preta (Eneida, Amor e Fantasia) - Jair Rodrigues (1973)
10. Forró Do Sertão - Dominguinhos (1976)
11. Lourdinha - Nonato E Seu Conjunto (1978)
12. Armadilha - Totonho (1978)
13. O Bem E O Mal - Os Originais do Samba (1970)
14. Crioula - Jorge Ben (1969)
15. Acende o Candieiro - Adoniran Barbosa (1974)
16. Meu Lema - Clara Nunes (1971)
17. Dingue Li Bangue - Conjunto Sal Da Terra (1972)
18. Em Festa De Rato Nao Sobra Queijo - Velha (Minha Portela Querida) (1972)
19. O Mestre-Sala Dos Mares - João Bosco (1975)
20. A água negra da lagoa - Toquinho (1970)
21. Fatal - Ely Arcoverde (1972)
22. Jamais - Gordurinha (1962)
23. Nó Na Madeira - João Nogueira (1975)
24. Lavadeira - Os Cinco Crioulos (1968)
25. Mulata - Jorginho Pessanha (1971)

P.S. This one goes out to Vee from London. A little something to sip with your tea on a cold, gray, chilly day, mate. Cheers!
Also, I managed to get a 25th track on this volume. All volumes of the series will rip as a CD. OK?

My goal with this series is to make MPB a little more common to our musical language as Jazz, Rock & Roll, Reggae or the Blues. It IS as good as those forms & deserves the world's attention as a style. I'm just here to keep us focused on THAT FACT.


  1. Justinho,

    Muito obrigado! The grey skies are clearing, the trees in Hyde Park are going into blossom, the temperature is up... and there's a new Showdown! Can it get much better than that? Seriously mate, you've really cheered me up. I'll be burning a CD to listen to at work tomorrow. As always, no need to worry about the quality of the tunes.

    It's a slow drip drip as regards Brasilian music. Everyone who hears it goes "wow', it's just that not enough folk are exposed to it. I always try to turn people onto your blog, and the other blogs that promote these beautiful sounds. I tell them that this music will make the world a better place because it encourages a positive feeling and that certain joie de vivre. When they hear the music, they feel it and agree with me. But they have to hear it first, and that's where you play your part.

    Over here we have the NHS, our National Health Service, with people trooping in to see the doctor about this and that, sometimes nothing specific, just a vague sadness. Maybe our doctors could prescribe a course of Brasilian tunes to promote well-being. "Mrs Smith, It seems that the miserable British climate is really getting you down, so I strongly advise that you listen to volumes 1 to 10 of the St Julian Samba Showdown series. If symptoms persist, move on to volumes 10 to 20. Next patient!"

    Best wishes,

    Vee from London

  2. thank you very much for all the work done on these

  3. Thank you Vee. Very kind & very funny. I do my very best lining these up for maximum enjoyment. I even look out for our friends who still use CD's & make sure to bring these in under 70 minutes. It so nice to know some people appreciate these little concessions.

    Thank you Restless 43.

  4. Justin

    Listened to the new Showdown today, and it's a beauty. An elegant and erudite flow from start to finish. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the number of your tunes that I've never heard or noticed before, and believe you me, I've been listening to this music for a long time.

    I certainly appreciate the CD friendly format. Actually, I'm so old that I can even remember the funny twelve inch black discs that people used to plonk on those machines called turntables. My daughters don't believe me, of course, and think I'm just an old fool rambling on about the mythical time of dragons and giants. Ha! What little these youngsters know...

    Regards, and an almighty Sarava! to you.


  5. Vee, I think the words we look for to describe this music is "Alegria" & "Alegre". Good words.

  6. Yes, good words alright. Basically, happiness.

    Best wishes,


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  8. Hi Basto, Thank you & glad you like this page. I'm trying to understand your page. Is it a mix-tape blog? Can you explain. I don't understand.

  9. Basto, My links on the sidebar are ones offering full LP/CD shares. Are you offering discs?

  10. hi not we offer no disc. proposed mix, concert, review vinyl funky disco, party etc.. I was just wondering if you would add us to your list of "friends" and vice versa

  11. Thank you ^^ I put your blog in our list + @

  12. Please!
    This is in mp4.
    Can you post in mp3?

  13. DJ Maloro, This will play in ITunes. It would just as easy for you to download ITunes for Windows. OK? MP4 is a universal format. If Window Media Player can not open it, then ITunes for Windows can.

    There are 23 other volumes to choose from.

  14. I'm late getting in on this one, been traveling since March 10 and only now getting back home. Airline lost my bags... second time in the last year. Since one of them has my new digital station in it, and the power supply for my laptop, I can't grab this today but as soon as they find my stuff (and they WILL find it) I am all over this! thanks again

  15. By the time you get your computer back there might actually be another volume to catch up with.

  16. THANK YOU. Can't get enough of that stuff. Now all I need is a little warmth outside! - Great work as always.

  17. Beautiful blog. Congratulations.

  18. I hope well be seeing more from you Spellbound.

  19. Hello here, and thanks for your email that's permitting me today to discover your nice blog, i'm downloading the last volume and i'm sure i'm gonna adore it... See you J.


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  21. before i move on to Volume 25.. :) i just want to let everyone know i had 'Meu Lema - Clara Nunes' on repeat for i can't tell how long honestly..

    just beautiful..

    one of those songs that i'd love to catch someone else listenin' to...