Nonato E Seu Conjunto - No Balanço Jovem De Nonato E Seu Conjunto [1978 RCA Camden] @ toque-musicall blogspot

Don't miss this very solid slice of Funk-Rock Nordestino being offered at Toque-musicall. A nice one!


  1. Thank you Justin. Another beauty from Brasil.

    Do you happen to know the story behind Nonato Buzar's LP from 1970? I've always been fascinated by the bizarre cover where he's bare-chested and sporting crazy goggles. Was it a record label PR stunt or did he actually freak out and enter into the spirit of the times?

    I hope it's OK to include the link to the LP on Loronix:


    Best wishes, Vee

  2. Vee, These are different artists. Nonato Buzar & Nonato E Seu Conjunto are two different bands.

  3. Damn it, for years I thought they were the same Nonato! Nonato Buzar made an LP in Paris sometime in the '70's, I seem to remember, as well as the one with the crazy cover. Thanks for putting me on the right track. There's so little background info on some of these wonderful artists that it can get a little mixed up.



  4. I love how they have this thing over in Brasil of having one word names, like Claudia, Celia or Nonato. The nerve to call your self just Claudia. Who do you think you are...Madonna? It seems that Nonato is so bad that he can just inform us that this is his band, Nonato E Seu Conjunto. Period. Very funny when you think about it. In English it would sound something like Bobby & his band.

  5. Yeah, it's a Portuguese & also to a lesser degree, a Spanish thing. It's like the football culture here in Europe where we've got players who are defined as some kind of monolith, for example, Eusebio. Nobody in England knows him as anything other than "the legendary Portuguese footballer Eusebio". What's his second name? "I dunno mate, who cares".

    I agree, the sheer front of using your first name to define you is magnificent, despite being a bit baffling for us non-Lusophones. And it can really work. Does anyone know Pele's second name, and does it really matter any more? He's a legend in four letters. Although going by the name of 'Claudia' must have been a bit of a gamble! It worked for her, though.

    Regards, Vee

  6. Thanks for responding Vee. I'm glad someone sees the humor in this.