Batatinha - Toalha Da Saudade [1976 Continental] 192 kbps - 50 mb

This is what I love about the music of Brasil.  Music written from the heart.  Lovely session from sunny Bahia.  Great songwriting and outstanding production.  A masterpiece!  Solid from start to finish.

Batatinha - Toalha Da Saudade [1976 Continental]

01. Toalha da saudade
02. Rosa tristeza
03. Hora da razão
04. Babá de luxo
05. Marta
06. Ondas Do Mar
07. A Sorte do Benedito
08. Fora do meu samba
09. Espera
10. Ironia
11. Marca No Pé
12. Indecisão


  1. thanks to you this is a personal fave too! exactly the kind of LP I think of giving as a gift to a friend - on vinyl of course if possible.

    by the way, I'm having an extremely difficult time finding the Elton Medeiros on LP. another I suspect you will select more songs from.

  2. Paul, Glad you're enjoying this goodie. This is the kind of record that gets better & better with each listen. I can safely say I've listened to this gem 50 times already. It's that good!

  3. I love albums with this length and number of tracks. It really leaves you wanting more. tshfse(at)gmail :)

  4. Ryo-Ohki, Good point & observation. Artist releasing LP's today could learn a thing about tighter production & better continuity. Good song-writing is a nice place to start. There's a clarity to an LP like this one & it starts with simple song-writing.

  5. aî aî Justin, my sincerest apologies that I am just noticing this kind dedication just now! I have had my head in the clouds I guess, though relatively away from the internets, which isn't such a bad thing. I swear that I actually DID see this on CD at a small, independent shop not that long ago where I used to live. I only moved an hour away so I think may have to go back and pick it up. Thanks so much!

  6. Completely thought you'd love a set like this one. Not to be missed.

  7. Flabbergast, Somewhere around the 20th listen of this LP, you might catch yourself saying "Shit, this is a good record." I know I have.

  8. Can't believe I missed this one. Whatever was I thinking? Thanks J.


  9. Vee, It's a goodie. Better with each listen.