St. Julian Samba Showdown 23 by J Thyme '09 - 320 kbps - 188 mb

A post-Thanksgiving & Pre-Christmas offering for fans of this series. Happy holidays! For friends in colder climates, a little something to remember summer by.

Some really outstanding numbers here. My favs this volume are the lovely & funky "A Gente E O Mar" by Nonato E Seu Conjunto. The yummy Samba of "Tamborim" by Zé Ketti. The trancy Samba-march of Elton Medeiros performing "Sabdália Dourada" & the glorious Samba-Pop of "Rose" by Ederaldo Gentil. So many fine MPB tracks from the Jazz-pop of "Palhaçada" by the ever amazing Dóris Monteiro to the Jazz-scat of "Barendo A Porta" by Emilio Santiago to the Rock-pop of "Tamanco Malandrinho" by Tom e Dito to the groovy "Me Criei Na Beira-Mar" by Ely Arcoverde. Overall, a nice mix of the best of 70's Samba & MPB. As always, enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 23 by J Thyme '09

01. Alvorada - Cartola (1975)
02. Palhaçada - Dóris Monteiro (1973)
03. A Gente E O Mar - Nonato E Seu Conjunto (1978)
04. Tamborim - Zé Ketti (1979)
05. Não É De Nada - Synval Silva (1973)
06. Sabdália Dourada - Elton Medeiros (1973)
07. Barendo A Porta - Emilio Santiago (1975)
08. Amor De Malandro - João Nogueira (1975)
09. Tamanco Malandrinho - Tom e Dito (1974)
10. Flamengo 2 x 1 - Arnoldo Medeiros (1975)
11. Rose - Ederaldo Gentil (1975)
12. Foi Deus - Cyro Aguiar (1975)
13. Me Criei Na Beira-Mar - Ely Arcoverde (1972)
14. As Forças Da Natureza - Clara Nunes (1977)
15. Irerê - César Costa Filho (1978)
16. Com Licença, Moço - Ruy Maurity (1973)
17. Superamor - Carlos Lyra (1975)
18. E Deixa O Relogio Andar - Osmar Milito (1971)
19. Onde Está - Caco Velho (1963)
20. Olho Por Olho - Beth Carvalho (1977)
21. Indecisão - Batatinha (1976)
22. Não Pode Ser Verdade - Alberto Lonato (1972)
23. Sorriso de Bamba - Os Originais do Samba (1972)
24. Samba em Paz / A Voz do Morro - Alcione (1975)


  1. Thanks! St. Julian series is already a landmark!

  2. Thanks so much. Can't wait to hear it. Thanks a lot for your great work. Hope to hear several great posts from you in 2010. Merry Christmas to you! - Greetz from raaaiiiny Germany!

  3. Hi Justin!

    I just returned from a monthly dj-tour through brazil.
    Because of your FANTASTIC & TASTEFUL compilations, it was kind of easy to go vinyl-record-buying. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRECISE WORK.(WITH ALL THE COVERS, HIGH QUALITY FILES, ETC, ETC...)

    Could you re-up the 17th volume of the st. julian samba showdown compilation?

    Keep up your good work & again; thank you very much!

    Raphaël Delan (www.fairtilizer.com/users/raphaeldelan)

  4. Raphaël, Which Lp's did you score? I re-upped volume 17. Thanks for the shout out.

  5. thanks Justin! I was visiting your page to whisper '23' in your ear, but see you already felt the music calling - I welcome this new child to the marvellous Samba showdown family!

  6. Thank you Paul & Flageolette. Happy Holidays.

  7. Just found your blog again and these wonderful Samba Showdown comps. Thank you so much for your efforts. Wonderful music to be discovered.