Saravah For Café Après–midi - V.A. - 320 kbps - 196 mb (reup)

I had this up before, but wanted to share it once again. Since I've already posted an Italian compilation looking at Bossa Nova's influence on Italy, then it's time to look at an important little label out of France run by actor/musician/studio-head Pierre Barouh & his brilliant Saravah imprint. The range here is mindblowing. French Bossa Nova, French Jazz, French Folk, African Pop, French Soul, etc, etc. This is one that I'm still taking in. There are so many good tracks here that I'll just single out a few personal favorites. "On N'a Rien a Faire" by Pierre Barouh is great, swinging French Jazz Pop circa 1966. My other pick is the delicate French Bossa Folk number "Un Jour, Un Papillon" by Joel Favreau from 1970. Very sweet! I'm sure you'll find lots to enjoy here. A nice look at the warm embrace that Bossa Nova received from the French & a whole lot more. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Tyme,
    Thank you my friend!


  2. Wow can't thank you enough for this and your wonderful samba compilations--joyous stuff;fascinated by the links with french and brasilian music in the 60s and 70s--now don't suppose you have Claude Nougaros "Bidonville" lp do you??....from what little ive heard its very cool stuff
    one tip--try 70's french singer songwriter Helene Martin's stuff!!--amazing brasilian meets french music
    greetings from London

  3. can't thank you enough for this marvellous compilation--Pierre barouh stuff is incredibly hard to find even on the web
    I'm fascinated by the connections between french chanson and the brasilian songwriting tradition
    Would love to have volume 2 of this when you get a chance
    Do you have Claude Nougaro's "Bidonville" lp?..from what ive heard its amazing
    Thanks from London UK

  4. Hi Violao62, No, I do not have or know of Claude Nougaro's "Bidonville"LP, but I'll ask around & see if I can track down a copy. So thanks for that & the tip off on Helene Martin's work. I will post volume 2 of this series, but I do not know the set as well as volume 1. It's taken me a few years of listening to open up fully to the first volume alone.

  5. By way of thanks Justin here is the fabulous and unbelievably rare French/Brazilian music soundtrack to the cult french film "Traitment de choc" starring Alain Delon
    music composed by
    rene koering & alain jessua
    ""Traitment du choc"



  6. Violao62, Thank you very much for the share. My dance queue is long, but I'll get around to it shortly. Sounds great!

  7. Salud Justin!

    Lovely work from our beautiful French neighbours and friends from Brasil. Do you know the François Hardy LP "La Question?". Still on the French theme, but a bit off topic, a prime slice of moody Gallic saudade featuring the mysterious Brasileira Tuca on guitar and arrangement duties. A great LP to accompany those late nights spent drinking cheap vin rouge whilst reading novels by Camus or Boris Vian!

    Many thanks for this one.

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  9. Unfortunately the link sendspace is dead and the link http://www.divshare.com/download/9209503-d9f is not working on my side , could you kindly upload on another server - many thanks - capitao

  10. Claude Nougaro Bidonville (vbr v2)

  11. It was very kind of you Justin. Many thanks for the reup

  12. Justin could you consider making a (re)upload of volume 2 , it would be very kind of you

  13. Sorry. I'm not offering it on this page.