Conjunto Sambacana - Conjunto Sambacana Vol.3 [1969 Odeon] 256 kbps - 58 mb (reup)

Flawless example of 7 part choral singing served up to perfection.  A masterwork of choral jazz.  Very, very nice!  Thank you Greg Caz for this amazing share.  Perfect!


  1. Does it have anything to do with Quarteto Sambacana (1965's Muito Pra Frente, one of my all time favs!)?
    Anyway, worth checking... and thanks!

    1. Yes, same group. There were 6 or 7 albums released by sambacana with the music by Pacifico Mascarenhas. There were two different album covers but one record with the same songs. A picture of someone playing guitar on one, and the other has a scene with a street with houses and a hill with red outline. These are extremely rare. I am still looking for vol.3 and vol. 7 in vinyl format.

  2. Mojica, I think that these are related groups. This is the Conjunto. I think that I like this more then "Muito Pra Frente", but thanks for suggesting that set. I'm more of a late 60's & 70's head over here in Brasil.

  3. Thanks Justin

    It's been raining for weeks here in England, we've had record amounts of the wet stuff and the clouds are scudding over our little island......but when I listen to this music, the sun is shining. Medicine for the soul.

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