St. Julian Samba Showdown 20 by J Thyme '09 - 320 kbps - 164 mb

Well folks, here's the 20th installment of the Samba Showdown series. I know that there's only a few die-hard fans of this series, so this post is for us I guess? I'm going to let the newer fans of Samba & MPB catch up with those of us who can easily listen to this glorious musical form endlessly. Should I see the list of listener feedback increase in the coming months, then I might be able to squeeze another volume out of my collection. My hope is that your feet will be tapping along with the rhythmic bliss contained on these tracks. I actually see the shining face of God when I hear this happy, upbeat and endlessly delightful music. This is a very heart centered music and I find that it connects me deeply to my heart. Bliss happens at the center! Ahhhhhh.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 20 by J Thyme '09

01. Avenida Fechada - Elton Medeiros (1973)
02. Meus Outros Anos - Sonia Lemos (1975)
03. Caçoeira - Nonato E Seu Conjunto (1974)
04. Cadà Mariza - Leci Brandão (1975)
05. Sonho De Bamba - João Nogueira (1974)
06. Rala Rala - Maria Creuza (1976)
07. Alegria - Ismael Silva (1973)
08. Tristeza Pe No Chao - Clara Nunes (1973)
09. Sou Da Madrugada - Jair Rodrigues (1973)
10. Dia De Graça - Candeia (1978)
11. Eu Vou Sorrir - Iracy Serra (1976)
12. Só Queria Ser Feliz - Beth Carvalho (1975)
13. Mulher, Patrão E Cachaça - Adoniran Barbosa (1975)
14. A Dona Do Primeiro Andar - Os Originais do Samba (1975)
15. Loteca - Cravo E Canela (1977)
16. Bufete E Cascudo - Emilio Santiago (1979)
17. Fica Doido Varrido - Os Cinco Crioulos (1967)
18. Chega De Enganar A Nêga - Betinho (1974)
19. Deixa A Cana Moer - Nadinho Da Ilha (1976)
20. Tataruê - Giovana (1975)
21. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro - Manoel Conceição (1975)
22. Batuque Feiticeiro - Alcione (1975)
23. O Sol Nascerá - Cartola (1975)
24. Samba Da Legalidade - Nara Leão (1965)

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P.S. This post goes out to our friend of this page Greg Caz. Greg happy birthday & thank you so much for all of your guidance & support. You're a Bro'.
Also, I've done my very best to make each of these volume as listenable as possible. This page is my love affair with Brasilian Samba & MPB. I hope I've given you the listener a good idea of how good this genre can be?


  1. Wow!
    Your efforts and tasty compilations
    are highly appreciated bro!!
    Thanks for the good,as always


  2. Thank you Flageolette. I'm happy someone is enjoying these compilations.

  3. Christmas comes early again - or pagan day - or Day Of The Sun, Night Of Bright Stars!

    either way, more must-have LPs to be revealed by fave cuts and another great comp/mix to listen to forever with your others - the soup just got richer...

    thanks for all these and more - best wishes to you and to Greg C!

    ps - by now I recognize many of these album covers

  4. Thanks for the St. J Samba Showdowns. They're great - a wonderful introduction to MPB. Keep on Squeezing.

  5. Yup, same here. Enjoying these volumes and other posts.. found some nice gems here which I now have on vinyl :) so you know you have done some things right :) Keep it up, no need for frequent posts.

  6. Thank you Rolf. I agree about posting too much. I would prefer fewer posts & ones that the person who is posting knows & can tell us something about. I'd much rather have people know that what I'm posting here is of a certain quality & even more so with the Samba Showdowns.

  7. I love it when you write, that this is the final installment, but maybe there´s another volume possible. :-)
    Downloading it now, no question about the quality, because the 19 volumes so far were quite flawless. Thanks so much, Justin!

  8. Well Jörn, when you see how lovely volume 20 is then you'll know that I may not be able to surpass the continuity of this installment. We'll see?

  9. Great compilation again, Justin! Too many great tracks to list here. I especially liked the opening track by Elton Medeiros. Now I can tell the most obvious batucada from a tourist samba, not that you post any of the latter sort.
    Thanks for posting these comps, they are a great way to learn more about Brazilian music.

  10. Thanks Goofy. The energy on Sonho De Bamba by João Nogueira is amazing!

  11. You are right, Justin. The strings are used tastefully. When I heard it for the first time, the strings made me fear for the worst.
    Btw, what's the instrument that makes the kind of "whooping" sounds?

  12. Goofy, that whooping sound is the Cuica, also called "the friction drum". I had a little spot on it a few years back, but I can see that I'll need to talk about this amazing instrument a little more. Thanks for asking. The Cuica guides me from track to track.

  13. Thanx for introducing me to Brazilian Music. Learnt so much here. Heard so many gems. Thanx is maybe not enough........
    your´s Mellowgangsta

  14. Mellowgangsta, Thank you is golden in my universe. You are most welcome!

  15. humm, another delightful set! thanks Bro!

  16. Mr.B, Why the Humm? This music is endlessly enjoyable...in the right hands.

  17. Dear Justin,

    Thank you for this marvelous selection. You have choosen trully pearls!
    Have a look at Abracadabra, there is a surprise for you there.

    All the best!

  18. Justin,

    It's been a long time my dear friend. Thank you for those excellent compilations i treasury keep safe and listen again and again.
    And yes you are absolutely right, fewer posts with quality is what we need. i try to do the same at Funkmysoul blog. Take Care.

  19. Thank you Nikos. You're a shining example of the greatness of the Greek civilization...WORLDLY.

  20. i loved your blog.
    im brazilian and im sure that less brazilians knows the best of our music. thanks for distribute that

  21. Dear Angela Maria, That is how "Golden Ages" are. We often must wait for them to pass before we can re-discover them again. Let's be glad that we are able to piece together a vivid picture of this magnificent era of Brasilian song. Thanks for commenting.

  22. http://www.sendspace.com/file/qfu01o

  23. Justin, you deserve a medal of honor from the Brazilian music scene. Greatest compilations I've ever come across. Incredible work!!

  24. RN-14, Medal of honor? I'll take it. Thank you so much.