St. Julian Samba Showdown 19 by J Thyme '09 - 320 kbps - 173 mb

Hey everybody & hope all are enjoying the spring season. Well, here I am again with another volume of the St. Julian Samba Showdown series. This very special post goes out to my buddy in Paris, Arnaud. Happy birthday Arnaud. I start this volume with a favorite artist of Arnaud & myself, Dóris Monteiro. Here is a great example of the the Samba song "Maita" written by Giovana from her LP "Qem Tem Carinho Me Leva" from 1975 performed here in a yummy MPB production by Dóris. This post also goes out to Aline. Thank you for your support Aline. I'm glad some people are as in love with this magnificent form as I am. Let's see if the fans of this series find this installment of the Samba Showdown up to the standard of the genre? To the return of the light which Spring always is! Let's Samba.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 19 by J Thyme '09

01. Maita - Dóris Monteiro (1976)
02. Conversa Fiada - Joãozinho da Pecadora (1972)
03. Até o Dia de São Nunca - Alcione (1975)
04. Eu Sei Portela - João Nogueira (1974)
05. Carnaval - Beth Carvalho (1969)
06. Velhos Tempos - Os Originais Do Samba (1975)
07. O Assunto E Berimbau - Jackson Do Pandeiro & Almira (1964)
08. Três Macaquinhos - Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos (1975)
09. Maristela - Azambuja & CIA (1975)
10. Proteçao - Aparecida (1976)
11. Exaltação A Mangueira-Agora É Cinza-Maracangalha-Cidade Maravilhosa - Manoel Conceição (1975)
12. O Dia Se Zangou - Jovelina Pérola Negra (1986)
13. Lágrima Morena - Roberto Ribeiro (1985)
14. Cantei Só Pra Distrair - Dona Ivone Lara (1979)
15. Charlie Brown - Caçulinha (1975)
16. Samba Da Pà - Elza Soares (1972)
17. Trem Das Onze - Adoniran Barbosa (1974)
18. As Quatro Estacoes Do Ano - Jair Rodrigues (1973)
19. Fim De Papo - Renata Lú (1971)
20. Supermanoela - Betinho (1974)
21. Cantiga De Errante - Regininha e A Turma da Pilantragem (1969)
22. Amor Verdadeiro - Nadinho Da Ilha (1976)
23. Velho Ateu - Eduardo Gudin (1978)
24. Sonho De Um Carnaval - Alaide Costa (1965)

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P.S. I barely managed to squeeze by with a 70 minute CD rip of this. It was 45 seconds over 70 minutes, but will burn as a CD. For those who still use CD's?
My goal here with this series is to reveal all tracks & the LP's that they come from & completely show these albums off by dipping back to key albums & highlighting them in a round-up. I seek a sense of continuity from volume to volume. As I've said before, that I consider this a type of reporting. I'm just here to take a good focused look at the 70's in Brasil.
Also, the original version of "Maita" by Giovana can be found on volume 4 of the Showdown series.


  1. Well, it appears that the Samba line is waiting for a few more dancers to show up & dance with me.

  2. excellent mix as usual, and a realy good sound quality too. thanx a lot justin

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