Candeia - Axé! Gente Amiga Do Samba [1978 Atlantic/WEA] 320 kbps - 70 mb (Reup) fixed

Another pick from the essential list of Luiz Americo on my sidebar. Only 7 tracks here, but what a 7 they are. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. So much to enjoy here. From the choral work, to the cuica playing to the overall groove laid down by Candeia & group. Great on all levels. Spins amazingly! A real treat! Get this!

File Under: Samba

P.S. I hate to compare apples to oranges, but this artist has an almost trancy type of deep soul vibe that I associate with an artist like James Brown. Candeia has amazing charisma & all fall under his magical spell on this session.


  1. que bom!!! This is some Candeia I don't have! I can't wait to hear it as well as the Adinoran Barbosa shares (some of which I do have but I can't enough of him lately).

    Normally I would not stoop so low as to leave anything resembling spam in a comment, but I am desperate for any information about this record by Alaide Costa I have posted over at my place. If you or anyone knows anything about this record -- fala!!


  2. Heavy...Heavy...Heavy

    (Bold) Escapism in the face of such cloudy futures provided/guided by that individual with tremendous Thyme! Another share that bolsters one's guarded optimism.


  3. your charisma observation just reminded me -- Have you ever seen a documentary from the 70s that features Candeia heavily and also features Paulinho da Viola, who was also artistic consultant to the filmmakers? I can't recall the name of it right now but it was made for TV Globo. I have a DVD copy that was transferred from VHS that I picked up in São Paulo. It's not with me at the moment but is backed up on a harddrive. It's only 1 hour but its amazing!

  4. This seems to be really nice. Thanks a lot for your effort. Greetings from Germany, Jörn

  5. Beleza!



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  8. Thanks for another great listen J. I can (and do) listen to this beautiful music all day. Hope all is well. Peace.

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