Guilherme Vergueiro - Naturalmente [1980 Independent] 320 kbps - 85 mb (Reup)

Do you like piano wizards? I do. What we have here is a glorious example of piano mastery & a beautiful self produced session. Recorded over a two year period. Half recorded in the United States & the other half in São Paulo.
Guilherme Vergueiro is a gifted keyboardist with a graceful scat style to match. Stand out player on this session is Nana Vasconcelos on percussion duties, so please listen for his work here. This is an amazing session & those who love piano will simply adore the styling of Mr. Vergueiro. There isn't one person involved in this recording that doesn't sparkle like a diamond. Really! Enjoy!

I dedicate this post to the late great DJ from the New York area Frankie Crocker whose show on WBLS in New York City would play track three "Dentro De Voce (Inside Of You)" from this LP on his broadcasts. Thank you Frankie. You're remembered!

Frankie "Hollywood" Crocker (December 18, 1937, Buffalo, New York, USA - October 21, 2000, North Miami Beach, Florida) was a famous New York radio DJ. (Coined "Hollywood" for his keen sense of showmanship and self-marketing tactics.) According to popeducation.org, Frankie began his career in Buffalo, then moved to Soul station WWRL New York before being hired by top-40 WMCA in 1969. He later worked for WBLS-FM as program director, taking that station to the top of the ratings during the late 1970s. He sometimes called himself the "Chief Rocker", and he was as well known for his boastful on-air patter as for his off-air flamboyance. When Studio 54 was at the height of its popularity, Crocker rode in through the front entrance on a white stallion. In the studio, before he left for the day, Crocker would light a candle and invite female listeners to enjoy a candlelight bath with him. He signed off the air each night to the tune "Moody's Mood For Love" by vocalese crooner King Pleasure. Crocker, a native of Buffalo, coined the phrase "urban contemporary" in the 1970s, a label for the eclectic mix of songs that he played. He was the master of ceremonies of shows at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and was one of the first V.J.'s on VH-1, the video cable channel. He also played host of the TV show Solid Gold. As an actor, Crocker appeared in five films, including Cleopatra Jones, Five on the Black Hand Side, and Darktown Strutters.
He is credited with introducing Manu Dibango's "Soul Makossa" to American audiences.

File Under: Brasilian Jazz

P.S. This is perhaps the best of the "What Music" releases. If you find yourself enjoying this then stop by the What Music page & buy a copy. OK?


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  3. Hi,
    this is my first visit on this site, a guy who loved LUIZ HENRIQE "Listen To Me" of his great album "Barra Limpa" recommended GUILHERME VERGUEIRO'S "Naturalmente" to me, so I'm very glad to listen to this album - as the characterization here: "A super lovely mid-70's Lp of Sambas" makes me very curious too.
    So thank's a lot for your effort, making another premium bookmark for my Fox.
    Greetings from Germany!

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  5. Hi Justin , really really love your blog. These releases are too intense. I was wondering if you had this album:
    Doris Monteiro - Maita - 1976

    I saw you had some other Doris Monteiro records ,just wanted to take a chance

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    Dustin van Wyk

    1. The Lp that you're looking for is "Agora [1976 Odeon]". I have it, but hadn't considered to put it online. Let me think about it.

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  6. Dustin, the reason I never published the Agora LP is that beyond a few nice numbers I find the record not very strong. I'm very busy with other projects and don't really have the time to babysit this page like before.

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