The Third Wave - Here & Now [1970 MPS] Germany - 320 kbps - 92 mb

Before I present this post I'd like to set this up a bit. Since it's baseball season, I'd like to make reference to that sport. This post & the two next to this post, Les Masques - Brasilian Sound [1969 CBS] France & The Silhouettes - Conversations With The Silhouettes [1969 Segue] U.S., are so in the same ballpark that I would love to load the bases & perhaps bring in a heavy hitter to bring them home & score 4 runs.
This one was recorded in Germany for the MPS label in 1969 by U.S. Jazzman George Duke. His discovery of 5 Philippine sisters who sing amazing 5 part harmony is such a catch. He frames them perfectly in a Bossa Jazz setting & does for German Jazz what Quarteto Em Cy do in Brasil, wonderful MPB styled Jazz-Pop except sung in English. I could qualify a record like this by comparing it to Austin Powers groovy, but I won't. Just some sweet 5 part vocal Jazz served up Bossa style by 5 Philippine sisters is enough to bring back my fondest memories of Bill Murray's lounge singer. I'll bet he wished he discovered these ladies. This post goes out to my buddy Greg who shares a taste like me for yummy Jazz parfait. I hope you do too? Enjoy!

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P.S. I include this image, because I'm sure the original album artwork was closer to this style & I wish when re-issuers do re-issue that they'd just leave the darn original artwork intact. Please? In fact, if anyone has the original cover then please share it with this page.

Also, two excellent Beatles covers here, "Got To Get You Into My Life" & "Eleanor Rigby", which I prefer to the original.

Thank you Jazzman for the original cover.


  1. Original MPS cover for you. Thanks for the three albums.


  2. Totally cool! "Don't Ever Go" what a nice easy track!! ... and many others too...."STORMY"!! POST, Thanks, andy

  3. never seen these before J Thyme..
    love the eleanor rigby..this is cool stuff.excellent post thanx :)

  4. This album is a bit lightweight in comparison to some of the real Brazilian stuff at your blog. But it is surprisingly enjoyable. For me the cover of Herbie Hancock's Cantaloup Island stands out.

    Many thanks.

  5. Jur, This record kinda really grows on you once you've fairly given it context. It shares many fine qualities to some of the better discs that I present here on this page. First, if you enjoy the choral aspects of Brasilian song, then 5 part harmony is very much in accord with that aspect. Second, I present this LP as a look at the influence Bossa had on world styles. So this speaks well of Bossa inspired world Pop circa '69/'70. In fact, I find its lightness a nice contrast. Why does every LP have to mind-bogglingly brilliant? Besides, this is! Play it in the context that I'm presenting in & it is kinda major in a lightweight & harmless way. Plus, it doesn't bore you to death at 30 minutes. It's a tight document & spins well. That's enough.

  6. Hi Justin,

    I have safely stored the album in my Ipod. So, I'm definitely gonna give this record some extra playing time.

    I agree with you that the 5 part hamorny is quite brilliant. Shall we just say that this album is a heavy lightweight?

    By the way, I recently picked up similar kind of music by a group called "The Gimmicks" at http://killergroove.blogspot.com/.

    Looking forward to more posts in this genre (and most other Brazilian subgenres)

  7. Wow. It's crazy- I had been looking for Third Wave for about 4 years, without ever really knowing who they were. I heard their version of Maiden Voyage on a compilation CD called "Between or Beyond the Black Forest", and have wanted SO BADLY to hear more of them!
    Unfortunately- and I'm not sure if its because the link may be expired-I can't download it! It keeps sending me on a cycle of "Your download will begin shortly"..."Click here to start your download"...and the "Download Now" button always sends me back to the first page. Is there any way you can repost the link? I would seriously be forever grateful.
    Thank you so much for posting the information about them, this truly is great music.

  8. Paris Strother, The link is fixed. Enjoy!

  9. Thanks for the background information! I've been enjoying the Third Eve for years - they're one of the few groups that migrate from iPod to iPod as I keep re-upping. Only now that i've read the context you've provided am I rightfully amazed! I was looking for info on the singers - I could discern the accent, but was guessing more London Smithfields than Filipino. And I'm Filipino myself! So thanks once more for helping discover an artefact of my culture as well.

  10. Hi J, I tripped across your page when googling the Third Wave and thank you for continuing to circulate their music. My mom is Georgiana, the eldest of the singers in the Third Wave and Regina, Jamie, Stephanie and Jody are my aunts. If you are wondering what they have been up to lately, they are still singing, though not as the Third Wave and its a rare sight to get all five of them up on stage at the same time. They have done recent gigs like the San Francisco Filipino-American Jazz Festival where three of the sisters have formed a group call Prelude with their mom (my grandmother) Jo Canion. Currently they give regular performances at a small lounge in Lodi, CA called Wine and Roses. I'd be happy to share more if you are interested. -Vickie

  11. Thanks for sharing your story Vickie. I hope you find some nice music here. Your Mother's in good company.

  12. bless up for the link
    big up's to the west coast soul sistah's from Stockton CA

  13. Can someone reupload this album one more time?

  14. Not so lightweight... What about that mad, rousing full on version of the Swamp Song, Chloe? Completely nuts! Thanks for appreciating this wonderful album.

  15. Not so lightweight... What about that mad, rousing full on version of the Swamp Song, Chloe? Completely nuts! Thanks for appreciating this wonderful album.