St. Julian Samba Showdown 18 by J Thyme '08 - 256 kbps - 152 mb (reup)

Well friends, I present my end of Summer post. With these last weeks of Summer here's volume 18 of the Saint Julian Samba Showdown series. If you've not heard the other 17 volumes of this series, then I don't think that this is best place to start. Please try earlier issues of this compilation series first. For those of you who do like the sound of Brasil in the 70's & are ready to continue on with this carnival celebration, then by all means jump aboard. Goodbye Summer & hello to Autumn. If you find yourself missing the warm days of Summer then just throw this on. Enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 18 by J Thyme '08

01. Girl - Tuca (1974)
02. Fim De Tristeza - Caçulinha (1975)
03. Mon Ami João - Nonato Buzar (1975)
04. A Cor Da Esperanca - Cartola (1979)
05. Faz Tanto Tempo - Renata Lú (1971)
06. Anastácio - Samba Enredo Para Um Sambista Morto - César Costa Filho (1973)
07. Contra Tempo Na Contra Danca - Sonia Lemos (1976)
08. Raiz E Flor - Roberto Ribeiro (1985)
09. Sorriso De Criança - Dona Ivone Lara (1979)
10. Bisavô - Nonato E Seu Conjunto (1974)
11. Exaltacao a Tiradentes - Maria Creuza (1976)
12. Rei Sem Saber - Jorginho do Império (1975)
13. Tenha Fé, Pois Amanhã Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer - Salinas (1972)
14. Teté Das Lendas Rurais - Arnaud Rodrigues (1976)
15. Vaidosa - Os Magnatas Do Samba (1971)
16. Pelo Amor de Deus - Emilio Santiago (1982)
17. Sob O Mar - Jaime Alem & Nair Candia (1974)
18. Sempre Mangueira - Nelson Cavaquinho (1972)
19. Grande Dor - Os Cinco Crioulos (1968)
20. Tem Dendê - Osmar Milito (1973)
21. Vou Levanto Meu Canto - Os Originais do Samba (1977)
22. A Cor Da Esperança - João Nogueira (1978)
23. Kabaluere - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1971)
24. O Mundo Melhor de Pixinguinha - Brasilian Singers (1974)


  1. Bro, you have increased my awareness of so many soulful sounds that I'd never heard before, I really, really have to thank you. I've absolutely developed some new favorites because of your posts. I don't know what motivates you, but I thank Iemanjá that you are motivated. Blessings and peace on you and all the others that tap into this beautiful vibe.

  2. Jordon, Beautiful words like that always reach their mark & touch my heart. I'm only too glad to have a few passengers on this very fun transport. Enjoy the ride.

    Arnaud, I think of people like us when I put one of these volumes together.

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  4. Thank you for this one...obrigado!
    Emilio Santiago is the best!

  5. Good work, indeed! You will be remebered for making music lovers even more happy than before!

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  7. Thank you so much for all those great compilations, which I also pass on to many friends.

  8. Dear Justin,

    could you reupload this selection again? I have already downloaded all the others, but this one is the only one that could not be downloaded from Divshare.

    And thank you very much for these great selections. They are superb!

  9. Dear Renato, Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you're enjoying the series. Reupped. Which is your favorite volume?

  10. Thank you! It is difficult to choose a single volume. I put all on my Ipod and play them in random mode, so I don´t know exactly which is playing. It is like a brazilian party!

  11. Renato, You can listen to them as an album which is how they're presented. There is a sense of continuity which is found in the flow of how the series evolves from volume to volume. Some tracks flow from the track before. If you look at the cover art I'm presenting a visual playlist of each LP that a song is from. It's meant as a means of education to know the artists & the albums. Do you see my point? In random order makes it hard to follow the cover-flow of the LP artwork.

  12. These compilations are a record guide to help collectors find good LP's.
    That is why I present the album covers in rows. So we can see which albums have all the good tracks.

  13. Por favor, pode repostar esse link?