The Silhouettes - Conversation With The Silhouettes [1969 Segue] 320 kbps - 84 mb (REUP)

Of the three of these international Bossa Jazz sets, I'd say this is perhaps my favorite of the three, but all three are certainly in the same ballpark both stylistically & of the same era & are also stunning examples of Bossa's influence on World Jazz Pop. This would also play nicely off of my Italian Bossa Jazz set that I've posted as another point on this subject. Produced by Nathan Haynes in the U.S. for the Seque label. This record has some real chops & some trippy influences colliding within this lovely swirl of U.S. Bossa Jazz Funk. I hope the impact of hearing these three together keeps us focused on the goal of a page like this to cross refer information for the ultimate MPB experience. This is a seriously fantastic record. Flutes, Vibes, Electric bass & groovy femmes to tickle the fancy. "Norwegian Wood" gets a very nice rendering here. I adore this record. Aged really well & not one bad number on this foxy ass set. Love the flute work on this & the female vocalist is super yummy & accessible! Flawless.

File Under: U.S. Bossa Jazz Funk

P.S. I love to load the bases & now let me see if I can bring someone good enough to bat these players home?
If you play the three together, then you're surely in a nice Bossa orbit.


  1. My o My this trifecta will put a smile on all the Bossa Crazed audiophiles out there!

    I think its swell that cooler heads prevailed and J Thyme's light continues to shine mighty and bright upon the world of that marvelous MPB sound.

    what a day!

  2. Gorgon Jr, The only way to bounce back is EASY!

  3. Conversations with the Silhouettes
    Segue SEG-1001, [1971?]
    Recorded at WRS Studios. Engineer- Olaf Kuuskler.
    Producer- Nathan Davis. Music Director- George Bacasa.
    George Bacasa (fl, sax); Al Secen (vib); Cathy Martin (vcl); Ronnie Thomas (b); Lenny Rogers (dr); Willy Smith (cng: 7,11)

  4. Fantastic, thanks for this :)