Luiz Henrique - Barra Limpa [1967 Verve] 320 kbps - 85 mb (Reup)

Stunning example of late 60's Bossa-Pop served up U.S. style by the Verve label. Great on every level. Superb songwriting. Excellent guitar work & vocals by Luiz. The icing on this already amazing session is Sivuca on accordion & scat vocals, so please listen for his work here. Not one wrong move on this session & that's the electric bass replacing the upright for this very fresh update of what Brasilian Jazz should sound like in 1967. This has real magic, charm & innocence. A light breeze of a session. Sway in the palms with Luiz, Sivuca & gang. Enjoy!

File Under: Bossa Jazz

P.S. Japanese Issue here & nicely re-mastered. This would sit nicely next to "Samba '68" by Marcos Valle for fans of that Verve session.


  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    Luiz Herique's version of 'Mas Que Nada' is by far the best in my opinion. He really creates magic when he sing and play it, and it's great to have the full record with nice covers added.

    I though I was way too late for the party, but the download link was still alive and kickin'.

    Thanks again,
    Jazz Organ Fan

  2. Hello! Any chance to re-up the Japanese reissue of Luiz Henrique's "Barra Limpa?" Seems I've come too late to the party and the download links are dead. Thank you! All the best, John

  3. Thanks so much for this CD. A wonderful album. Any chance for his Fontana record, "Listen To Me" from the Japanese issue? Many thanks! John S

  4. Hey John S. No, I am not sharing that disc anywhere on my page. I prefer the Verve sets over the Fontana one. Stick with "Barra Limpa" & "Popcorn". Cheers!

  5. Thanks for this very fine album and thanks for let this music still be alive!