Burnier & Cartier - "Fotos Para A Capa Do L.P." [1976 EMI Odeon] 320 kbps - 73 mb (Reup)

I'm reupping this one for a new visitor to this page by the name of Inca Roads. Inca, I'm sure you'll find this as listenable as the first LP by this duo. Beautiful guitar & vocal work by this team and outstanding production by the EMI Odeon studios. Overflowing with fidelity & inventiveness. This spins nicely. Please enjoy the inspired classical/rock/folk/jazz fusion of Burnier & Cartier's second LP. Very, very nice!

File Under: Brasilian Classical Jazz Rock


  1. Burnier & Cartier - Fotos para a Capa do 1975..What an amazing site, my love of this music knows no limits and thanks for stretching them....just thought i'd give the LP its full title.

    Amazing stuff !!

  2. Niall, Thank you for pointing this out to me. "Fotos Para A Capa Do L.P." is noted & corrected. When I bought the item from Dusty Groove America some 10 years ago it was listed simply as "Burnier & Cartier 1976".

  3. Hey, J Thyme, I don't no if this album have inside covers, but if so, coul you check them to see if Pedro dos Santos a.k.a. Pedro Sorongo appears on this album?
    I also want to ask you if you can see the same subject on the other album of this guys that you have posted in your blog.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. This is the only info that I have. Sorry.

  5. I asked Burnier (a.k.a. Tavynho Bonfa) about Peter Sorongo and he confirmed that Sorongo indeed had participated in the recording of this disc.

  6. This site is no longer active. Sorry.