V.A. - Bossa Galore - Lounge At Cinevox [Cinevox Italy] 320 kbps - 99 mb (Reup)

Since I'm on a nice early Bossa Jazz dip, then I think a set like this would be a nice change of pace. but not taking us away too far the overall vibe of this page. Here we have a stunning set of Bossa inspired soundtrack Jazz handled expertly by the finest Italian composers. Hats off to whoever put together this excellent look at how flawless Bossa Nova was done in Italy. Some records just spin so well & this is one of them. This is such a winning set. I love how this retains all of the integrity of Bossa Nova & yet remains distictly Italian all at once. These tracks are taken from Italian films from the late 60's through the late 70's. This is one I return to again & again. Total ear-candy & if you own a nice sound system, all the better. Beautifully paced & expertly selected. This is such a groovy listen. Don't miss this.

V.A. - Bossa Galore - Lounge At Cinevox [Cinevox Italy]
01. Metti Una Sera A Cena - Ennio Morricone (1969)
02. Bossa In California - Marcello Gigante (1963)
03. Bob And Hellen - Piero Umiliani (1971)
04. Silvana (Bossanova) - S.Brugnolini - L.Malatesta
05. Il Costruttore - B.Lauzi (1972)
06. Aspetto Ancora Un Giorno - Piero Piccioni (1969)
07. Il Maschio Ruspante - Gianni Ferrio (1972)
08. Gungala Nido - S.Brugnolini-L.Malatesta-C.A.Bioxio (1967)
09. Manomozza Is Discovered - Guido e Maurizio De Angelis (1973)
10. Elena... Elena - Gianni Ferrio (1973)
11. I Due Kennedy (Bossanova) - Carlo Savina (1969)
12. Crystal - Piero Umiliani (1969)
13. Piedone L'africano (Bossanova) - Guido e Maurizio De Angelis (1977)
14. Euforia - Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera (1976)
15. Papaya - Stelvio Cipriani (1974)

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P.S. I had the chance to spin this on a very nice sound system this past weekend & was delighted by the warmth & fidelity. Please listen for the bass clarity.
Also, the CD artwork could have been done better. Too bad, because the contents are very, very enjoyable. So please don't judge this book by its cover.


  1. I mean wow just constantly rendered speechless by what goes down around here.

    J Thyme's got some seriously gifted ears and he's a generous man!

    A tremendous amount of respect goes out for this one.

  2. Thank you Gorgon Jr. My page may be smaller then some of the pages out there with millions of hits, but this page is focused, focused, focused. I love what I post. I go deeply with the discs I love. I want my listeners to feel an intimacy with my words & my picks. Thank you for your trust in my ear. It is a finely tuned instrument & it is designed to detect excellence.

  3. grazie!
    I like italian bossa style

  4. @J Thyme
    Thanx much for posting this up. I love the Cinevox series music. Amazing how the Italians put their stamp on this style. I am looking forward to exploring the rest of your blog.

  5. Thank you again very much for reupping this! Your recommendation completely has me sold.

  6. The download link is always "The Header". Click it.

  7. Thank you so much. I've been trying to find this album for so long. You good kind sir have just made my year haha. It sounds wonderful, I might just cry tears of joy