Marcos Valle & Paulo Sergio Valle - Selva De Pedra OST [1972 Som Livre] 320 kbps - 72 mb (Reup)

This post goes out to my buddy Arnaud in Paris. During my stay there in July I was shocked when I asked Arnuad what he thought of Marcos. He said he wasn't very impressed with Marcos. Well Arnaud I seriously beg you to reconsider your dismissal of this very, very talented songwriting duo of Marcos & his lyricist brother Paulo Sergio Valle. This soundtrack for the Som Livre label showcases their prowess brilliantly! Only 28 minutes long & made even shorter when we consider that 2 of the compositions are two unusual drum experiments by Marlos Nobre ending each side of the LP. A flawless example of Marco's & Paulo Sergio's talents & handled nicely by various artists. Arnaud please try this & reconsider? Plus, that's Marcos lovely wife Angla Valle singing on track 3. Very tight & full of genius!! Enjoy!

Selva De Pedra OST [1972 Som Livre]
Marcos Valle & Paulo Sergio Valle
01. Capitao De Industria - Djalma Dias
02. Mandato - Osmar Milito E Quarteto Forma
03. Simone - Angla Valle & Eustraquio Sena
04. Corpo Sano Em Mente Sa - Osmar Milito E Quarteto Forma
05. Selva De Pedra - Orquestra & Coro Som Livre
06. Rhythmerton Op 27 - Marlos Nobre
07. O Beato - Marcos Valle
08. Ligacao - Orquestra & Coro Som Livre
09. America Latina - Osmar Milito E Quarteto Forma
10. Corpo Jovem - Luis Roberto
11. Longo De Dior - João Luiz
12. Ritual - Marlos Nobre

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P.S. A perfect example of the Television Soundtrack which goes by the name of "Trilha Sonora Original Da Novela".


  1. thank you for all the Samba Showdowns. this is a late thanks, i know. grooving all summer long thanks to you.

  2. Many thanks. "Mandato" and "Selva de Pedra" are real killer songs

  3. Big Marcos Valle fan here, thanks for the post...

  4. Duuuuude... a new Valle album for me, and from my favourite musical year too! Most groovy!!! Valle looked like Jesus at this point in time, and clips of him on Vila Sesamo, not to mention his 1972 release Vento Sul, make him more meaningful to me than any mere son of God!

    The Goat

  5. Excellent stuff, I've been after this for a while. I've got an LP called Vila Sesamo which looks like a brazilian version of Sesame Street which if I remember rightly has the Valle brothers on writing duties.

    I can record it into a digital format and post a link if you're interested.

  6. Toiletries, Thank you for the offer, but I have the Vila Sesamo already.

  7. Link does not work for me, Im dying for this one too...typical.

  8. Wow! I accidentally found (stumbled would be more correct) this post by checking out The Third Wave produced by George Duke. Thanks JT for this.

  9. longtime Marcos V fan, but have never heard this before...it's stunning...many thanks!