Luiz Gonzaga Jr. - Plano De Vôo [1975 EMI] 256 kbps - 74 mb (Reup)

Excellent example of mid 70's Brasilian Folk-Jazz of the Singer-Songwriter variety. This one has a beautiful Electric Jazz finish framing his inspired Folk style. The sound could be described as "Fusion". The playing here is very fleshed out by all players involved & perfectly laid to tape by the engineers over at EMI Odeon studios. Luiz Gonzaga Jr. really shines on this set & mid 70's in Brasil is such a "No Brainer" as far as quality is concerned. This one tops out at 40 minutes, but it manages to stay focused for the whole of the length. Very solid & a completely engaging listen. I love this recording. Flawless & very inspired songwriting here. When it comes to "It". This one has it! Enjoy!

Luiz Gonzaga Jr. - Plano De Vôo [1975 EMI]
01. O começo da festa (The begining of the party)
02. Tá certo, doutor (All right, doc)
03. Gás neon (Neon gas)
04. Quebra-pau (Ballroom fight)
05. Assim seja, amém (Let it be, amen)
06. Suor e serragem (Sweat and mown wood)
07. Mundo novo, vida nova (New world, new life)
08. Contos de fadas (Fairy tales)
09. Catatonia integral (Full catathony)
10. Niel cabeça de bola (Niel football head)
11. Plano de vôo (Flight plan)
12. Geraldinos e arquibaldos

File Under: MPB / Singer-Songwriter/ Brasilian Folk-Jazz

P.S. This one goes out to my buddy over @ Soundological Investimagations. Cheeba, try this. It should appeal to your Jazzy leanings.


  1. Another stellar share, the education that you provide is far beyond Harvard, Juillard, and Oxford combined!

    Thank you.

  2. Gorgon Jr, Thank you for your very kind words. It's my greatest pleasure to post & write with some accuracy about this golden age of recording that is Brasil in the 70's.

  3. Wow, you nailed it! As usual your recommendation hits my sweet spot!!! Much appreciated!

    Great to have you as a guide through this deep ocean of Brasilian bliss!

  4. Thanx. Very original sound. I hadn't heard anything from this artist apart from the nice song "Moleque" [on Blue Brazil Vol. 2]

    I only recently discovered your marvellous website and am now slowly checking it out. I'm overwhelmed. Your knowledge of Brazilan music is impressive.

  5. Jur, Thanks for tuning in & your kind words. Nothing but a deep love & focus going on here. 10 years of deep study & many findings to share about this musical "MECCA".