Célia - Célia [1971 Continental] 320 kbps - 76 mb (Reup)

I've just returned from a month long stay in Paris & had a chance to listen to this lovely LP with my host Arnaud who like me is quite fond of a lovely female voice kissing the eardrums. I'm reupping this one for those who missed it the first time I posted it. I'll confess that I find this LP a little slow at the beginning of the disc, but after the first 2 songs this very fine LP really kicks in a big way. Célia happens to have a very sexy voice & the songwritiing & arrangements really make this very much worth your attention. I really enjoy this session & what a heavenly voice. Stand outs are "Durango Kid", "David" & "To Be" & "Abrace Paul Mc Cartney Por Mim". Thank you Greg for this share & super nice find. Brasilian Pop at its very best & a very nice look at a fine group of emerging songwriters. This lovely lady can convey a song properly! A real talent. Superb. Enjoy!

Célia - Célia [1971 Continental]
01. Blues (Capinan - Joyce)
02. No clarão da lua cheia (Ronaldo Monteiro - Ivan Lins)
03. Durango Kid (Toninho Horta - Fernando Brant)
04. David (Nelson Ângelo)
05. To be (Joyce)
06. Abrace Paul McCartney (Joyce)
07. Pelo teletipo (José Jorge - Ruy Maurity)
08. Adeus batucada (Sinval Silva)
09. Para Lennon e McCartney (Márcio Borges - Lô Borges - Fernando Brant)
10. Zózoio - Como é que é (Nelson Ângelo)
11. Fotograma (Tibério Gaspar - Antônio Adolfo)

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  1. I understand frustration at the lack of comments, but I was not able to access any tracks. Any Ideas?

  2. Hi, there,
    please do continue.
    I really enjoy the music, but time is always a shortage, even though it means being seen as bad mannered, I listen to the music instead. Keep it up!
    Olavo at: tabanka.no (Cabo Verde cultural site)

  3. please continue - I check EVERYTHING you post.

    I've tracked down and bought upwards of 70 great LP's (have a guess) as a direct result of your writing and showdowns. also, in addition to the main Brazilian/sambamania, even though you no longer feature Morricone posts, you helped reactivate my interest in that composer and soundtracks in general.

    it's even worth remaining in the poorhouse due to must-have vinyl!

    thanks always, Paul

  4. Looking forward to hearing all these early Joyce songs, plus Toninho Horta's Durango Kid years before he recorded it himself. Thanks!

  5. I've listened to the first couple of songs and they sound good to me. I'm having a problem playing these files on my Sandisk MP3 player. The player freezes up for about 30 seconds between songs. And do you have any idea why I can't open these files in iTunes? I've had this same problem with Loronix files.

  6. Pawlyshyn, I would safely say it's your Sandisk MP3 player. I have none of these problems with my IPod playing my files or Loronix files.

  7. Hey, I love this blog. My music library is enriched with sweet MPB. The samba stuff is great, but I love it when you mix in the non-samba MPB like this record. The Jaime Alem and Nair Candia album you posted is completely amazing. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for the theory, J Thyme, but apart from the Sandisk, I can't even open these files in iTunes on my Mac. I suspect it has something to do with how they're encoded (the choice of bit rate, perhaps, or ID3 tags, or the fact that Windows). It's very frustrating. The only way around it seems to be re-encoding all the files using Max.

  9. Sorry to drone on about this, but it seems the problem is the file type: MPEG-2 LSF layer 3. Isn't that a format used for video broadcasting and DVDs? All my other MP3s are MPEG-1 layer 3.

  10. Hey thanks for the great work, keep it up:) I have added you to my blogroll


  11. Pawlyshyn, My files read as MPEG-1 & beyond that please do not ask of more then I am providing.

    Alexchander, I have scaled back my page because between Loronix, Abracadabra LP's Do Brasil, Acervo Origens, Prato E Faca, Toque Musical & Um Que Tenha the whole history of MPB is readily available & it's pointless for me post at this point. This page is about FOCUS. This page is about QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY.
    This page is about SOLID LISTENS. I offer high quality archiving & some words to help the listener go a little more deeply into each recording. If it's my writing style which is the main thing enjoyed, then I will post my favs just so that there's a source who really enjoys this form & can be a reliable guide for those interested parties. OK?



  13. Pawlyshyn, I'm ripping these on a Mac as always in Itunes so I don't understand the hassle? Bizarre!

  14. no, no, no!
    Don't leave us yet Mr. Thyme!
    You're one of the last of a disappearing breed...
    You're work is not in vain...

    thank you.

  15. @J Thyme
    Another fine selection. I too am "fond of a lovely female voice kissing the eardrums." Thanx

  16. I've been looking for this one for a while. Thank you so much J Thyme.

  17. Hey J Thyme, the links for this have all vanished, especially the megaupload. Meanwhile, I recently bought Warner's 2-CD "Dose Dupla" that contains this album and her 1972 album produced by Arthur Verocai. What a letdown. The album graphics are pathetically minimal, the sound sucks (especially on the 1971 album, with a distorted audio quality that would be outdone by any 64 kbps MP3), and between the two albums, they omitted three tracks. And they expect people to keep buying CDs? I'm now looking to find better quality downloads so I can burn 'em on a CD and stick it in the case with these duds. Can you help?

  18. Hello, great upload, please can you reup ?

  19. Mr Thyme, thank you so much for all the wonderful and very new (to me) music. Absolutely fantastic!

  20. Thank you so much for the re-up. A nice tip is the new album from a rap group from Brazil called "Elo da Corrente" from Sao Paulo. On the new album (Cruz) they use samples from various Celia's songs and in one of then Celia is singing... The new generation join the classics brazilian voices! the song called Ave Liberdade.

  21. Is the blog finished?

  22. João, I take a pause. I'll be back with something shortly. Thanks for asking.

  23. Thank you so much for this great album. I love Celia's warm voice. I'm looking also for the 1972 album but it's a little bit hard to find it, if you can give me a tip, it would be great! ;)