St. Julian Samba Showdown 17 by J Thyme '08 - 320 kbps - 188 mb

Hey Everybody! Good budd "J" on the selector once again. As long as I can find 24 yummy goodies to place in an installment, then we're gonna keep it keepin' on. Those friends of this Samba-hotspot who were around last year at this time will remember that I love to drop one as the seasons change. So here's to summer! The biggest thank you to those DJ's who contributed to the success of this series. Thank you Greg for the tip on the Odair Cabeça De Poeta & Grupo Capote track "Isso E Bonito" & the Sonia Lemos & the Nonato E Seu Conjunto additions to this issue. DJ Moos sends massive hugs to this volume with the Beth Carvalho, Jorginho do Império, Clara Nunes & the Pedrinho Rodrigues e os Nacionais, as well as the tip on the Maria Creuza. Thanks Moos.
As always, big love to Loronix, Toque Musical, Abracadabra - LPs Do Brasil, Acervo Origens, Capsula da Cultura, Na Onda Do Samba-Rock, Som Barato & Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo for their support in making this miracle of broadcasting a reality. The truth of this compilation series is that it is a major co-creation with Samba lovers world-wide. May we who get our groove on with the Godly procession of the heavenly messengers of song & dance be delighted by the proceeding herein. Big hugs, Jus

St. Julian Samba Showdown 17 by J Thyme '08

01. Visual - Beth Carvalho (1978)
02. Assim É Demais - Jorginho do Império (1976)
03. Seca Do Nordeste - Clara Nunes (1972)
04. Não Chora Meu Amor - Pedrinho Rodrigues e os Nacionais (1973)
05. Bambeia - Sonia Lemos (1976)
06. Isso E Bonito - Odair Cabeça De Poeta & Grupo Capote (1976)
07. Ilu Aye - (Cabana e Norival Reis) Minha Portela Querida (1972)
08. Chega Pra La - Maria Creuza (1976)
09. Espera - Batatinha (1976)
10. Dor De Cotovelo - Nonato E Seu Conjunto (1978)
11. Eu Não Toco Berimbau - Elza Soares (1973)
12. Falador Passa Mal - Os Originais do Samba (1973)
13. Ingratidao - Ismael Silva (1976)
14. Mesa De Bar - Carmem Costa (1973)
15. Visita Triste - Nelson Cavaquinho (1973)
16. O Mundo Encantado De Monteiro Lobato - Os Cinco Crioulos (1967)
17. Ta Chegando A Hora - Nonato Buzar (1975)
18. Oferenda Aos Orixás - Sonia Lemos (1975)
19. Não Chora Meu Amor - (Casquinha) Minha Portela Querida (1972)
20. Era Uma Vez Um Homem E Uma Mulher - Silvio Cesar (1971)
21. Dentro De Vocé - Emilio Santiago (1982)
22. Alerta Geral - Alcione (1978)
23. Vá Cuidar Da Sua Vida - Geraldo Filme (1980)
24. Natureza - Leci Brandão (1978)

P.S. I dedicate this volume to my gracious host Arnaud & his beautiful city Paris for opening its arms to me. Much love!
One more tally. 409 songs = 20 hours of music.

For newer friends of this page who are not familiar with the Samba form, please start with the earlier volumes of this series. They're more of a mix of MPB & Samba. The later issues of this series are leaning more towards the Samba because I feel this genre is a bit under-discovered & it's my aim to highlight this lovely movement just a bit.


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