Téca & Ricardo - Cade O Povo [1976 Movieplay/Dare Dare] France - 320 kbps - 81 mb (Reup)

This post is for my friends who dig A BEAUTIULLY RECORDED ELECTRIC SESSION. Super amazing set recorded in France by two Brasilian expatriates with a yummy Electric Bass & Keyboard sound fused to Brasil Folk with a nice, soft psych edge. Fans of Joyce & Milton Nascimento will marvel at this. Beautifully composed, performed & recorded. This is a very fine Brasilian Folk record with a lovely electric Jazz finish & would sit nicely next to my other post "Jaime & Nair" or "Burnier & Cartier" for that duo sound. Outstanding Guitars, Bass work & Keys & Nana Vasconcelos really shines here on percussion duties & did I mention the exceptional voice of Téca & Ricardo. Quite Heavenly. EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL & HIGHLY ACCESSABLE! A flawless 37 minute MASTER-WORK. This LP soars like an Eagle. Enjoy!

Téca & Ricardo "Cade O Povo" 1976 Movieplay - France
01. Saranda
02. Estrela Da Canção
03. Le Son Hante
04. Passaro Sem Asa
05. Cade O Povo
06. Pra Que Tanta Explicao
07. Trovaoda
08. Cafune
09. Cade O Povo (outro)

Avec la participation de: Gerard Arivony - Leonardo Ribeiro - Mauricio "Maestro" Mendoca - Nana Vasconcelos

Teca & Ricardo:
This duo was formed by Teca Calazans and Ricardo Vilas in France, where they lived from 1969 to 1979; they recorded seven albums. Active from 1971 to 1981, the duo performed in several European countries, divulging Brazilian popular and folkloric musics. Jardin Exotique (1979) included Cartola's "Tive Sim" with the participation of the composer. In the same year, they returned to Brazil where they still recorded two albums.
Their most important songs were "Caicó" (Villa-Lobos/Calazans/Milton Nascimento), "Estrela da Canção" (Villas), "Coco Verde" (Calazans/Villas), "Aguaceiro" (Calazans/Villas), and "Povo Daqui" (Calazans). ~ Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

File Under: Brasilian Folk / MPB

P.S. The record's a total sleeper & those who enjoy a nicely aged wine will know when I make such a reference that I mean it.
Oh, & I forgot to add, this record rocks the fuck out!
Just give this one a few spins & you'll fall in love with it. OK?
This one benefits with the distance of time. Time was very kind to this session!
One final note. Nana Vasconcelos work on this album is in perfect CONTEXT. His style finds the ideal setting for his voice to be heard properly!


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  2. Justin, thank you for your wonderful music!
    I posted a (I think..) beautiful set of mixed classic brazilian tracks. I'll be happy if you all will listen to it. Please visit http://thesunrecipe.blogspot.com/

  3. Waouh! Many thanks for this gem! Estrela Da Cancao's funky keyboard break make my day.
    From Paris with allegria!

  4. Capt. Mango, I guess it would be my French allies who would get the hint about a beautifully aged wine.
    Keep sipping & what an aroma...ha ha. She's got "BODY"!

  5. Love this album! Thanks so much for posting this. Have you heard any of their other albums?

  6. It seems there's a recent French reissue of their first album, called Vol. 1. I picked it up without hesitation, based on how much I enjoy this disc. It's a fine recording too, a bit softer and folkier. Bring on more!

  7. Thanks again for the recommendation, J. You said the bass and keyboards were excellent, I say Cade O Povo & Estrela Da Cancao more than prove your point!

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  9. hi, any chance to reupload ?
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