St. Julian Samba Showdown 15 by J Thyme '08 - 320 kbps - 172 mb

Hi friends. Well, the blooming season unfolds for us with yet another musical bouquet. I'll ask that you NOT pardon the ever returning cast of artists who've become the "Norm" around here. I lay these out as if this were a radio broadcast & seek only a sense of continuity with what I present. For those of us who've come to enjoy this series, may volume 15 live up to the overall quality of the proceedings presented in previous issues. It has been been my greatest pleasure to be a guide of sorts, even though I can not get my tongue around that beautiful, exotic Portuguese to speak it. Oh well, my heart is in it. To Spring & in my book, that's Aires, Taurus & Gemini. I'm a Taurus & this series is presented by a "Child Of The Spring" To others of this season. Cheers!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 15 by J Thyme '08

01. Clara De Ovo - Duduca (1976)
02. Escasseia - Beth Carvalho (1981)
03. Agua No Feijao - Jorginho do Império (1976)
04. Vem Mais Devagar - Elton Medeiros (1973)
05. Do Jeito Que o Rei Mandou - Brasilian Singers (1974)
06. Suplica - João Nogueira (1979)
07. Não Quero Entrar - Adoniran Barbosa (1975)
08. Fora Do Meu Samba - Batatinha (1976)
09. Certeza - Jair Rodrigues (1973)
10. Descarrego - Emilo Santiago (1979)
11. Pisa Nesse Chao Com Forca - Giovana (1975)
12. Paz - (Ivancué) Minha Portela Querida (1972)
13. Yaô - Nadinho Da Ilha (1976)
14. Uma Praça E Você - Os Originais do Samba (1971)
15. Renascer Das Cinzas - Martinho Da Vila (1974)
16. Sindorere - Clara Nunes (1974)
17. Feliz E Quem Sabe Esperar - Noel Rosa de Oliveria (1976)
18. Aruandê - Alcione (1975)
19. Sinha Dona De Casa - Candeia (1975)
20. Até Amanhã - Riachão (1973)
21. Quando Vim De Minas - Xangô Da Mangueira (1972)
22. Sambista Apaixonado - Noite Ilustrada (1976)
23. Mulher Sem Alma - Nelson Cavaquinho (1973)
24. Cafune - Téca & Ricardo (1976)


  1. Dear Justin,

    Once more you succeeded to compile a real sweet samba showdown.
    Other than you suggest I am pleasently surprised.
    I am very interested in that Riachao album for instance.
    And indeed, Giovana is great !
    Parabens ! Muito bom !


  2. What a nice early surprise...
    As always, I really appreciate the track of The Brasilian Singers (and also the others don't worry), so big thanks to the Brasilian Mixers : Justin & Moos...

  3. Moos & Arnaud, Thank God for a few humans on Earth. The rest seem to be turning into Cyborgs?

  4. Aline, If the sun doesn't come out, you can always fall back on these. Cheers.

  5. As we say here : Que du bonheur ! Keep going Justin, we are dancing just behind.

  6. Thanks Captain Mango. So nice to know that a few people are in the party spirit. I thought the "invitation to the dance" a nice one? So glad that some are still connected to their hearts!