Jorginho do Império - Eu E Meu Pandeiro [1976 Polydor] 320 kbps - 102 mb

Where do we start this post? First, this page has a new contributor. This AMAZING share comes to us from our dear friend of this "Samba Hot Spot", DJ Moos of Holland.
Moos, If this was baseball, then this is a HOMERUN! I'll grade it this way. This is basically a flawless transition from the preceding set "Viagem Encantada" from 1975 & equallly as perfect. No wrong moves on this session. This Samba-Line doesn't let up for the duration of its 38 minutes. For Samba-Heads, this IS heaven. This so fits in with the unfolding energies of spring. A mighty celebration of voice, Pandeiro & much, much more. A real treat.
Thank you Moos. You rock! This redefines a "Dutch Treat".
Not only is this record the "Bomb", it's the "Balm" too.
PURE JOY! Make lively Y'all.

Jorginho do Império - Eu E Meu Pandeiro [1976 Polydor]
01 Agua no feijao
02 O Iperador
03 Assím é demais
04 Paz em todo territorio nacional
05 Eu canto Sao Paulo
06 É preciso dar
07 Potpourri de Partido alto
- Chorei quando o dia clareou
- Mulher de malandro
- Sai da casa da vizinha
- Quanto mais carinhosa mais falsa
08 Jogo da Amarelinha
09 Cavaco vadio
10 Amor selvagem
11 A lua e o mar
12 Perdi a namorada
13 Eu e meu pandeiro

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P.S. Calling Captain Mango. Calling Captain Mango. The party's here!
This Samba line stretches all around the planet.


  1. WHOOOHOOOO...this is great. A big thanks from sunny Germany!

  2. Jörn, Moos dropped a BOMB on us. It took me 50 listens to figure that out. Boy, you're quick!

  3. What a great post ! Thank you for sharing it Justin and Moos.

  4. You introduced me to Jorge with Viagem Encantada, which I really liked. I especially liked the production and the subtle use of instruments that you don't often hear on samba records -- what sounds like a clavinet on one track, and oh-so-slightly distorted cavaquinho (maybe being played through a small amp?) on another -- just really nice flourishes like that which made the album not only a great thumping samba set but also a joy to listen for those of us who get off on sweet 70s production. (I share the sentiments expressed here, and over at Sounds of the 70s, about this decade being a musical peak in songwriting, performance, production -- in ALL genres of music, really!) THANKS

  5. Flabbergast, The tape saturation is top notch during this era. Brillantly Mic-ed, mixed & compressed. Total Ear-candy.

  6. Ahhhh... An ever so smooth Dutch contribution. My heart swells with pride!

    Top notch album and very, very enjoyable.