Betinho - Os Maiores Sucessos De Betinho (Em Tele-Novelas) [1974 Soma] 320 kbps - 79 mb (Reup)

01. Subinde O Espigao (O ESPIGAO)
02. Teresa (CORRIDA DO OURO)
03. Planta Baixa (FOGO SOBRE TERRA)
04. Saque Saque (O PRIMEIRO AMOR)
05. Moco (O BOFE)
07. Lucia Espararapo (O CAFONA)
08. Chega De Enganar A Nega (OSSOS DO BARAO)
09. Voce Tem Tempo (LINGUINHA)
10. Luzes, Camara, Acao (O CAFONA)
11. Nao Nasci Pra Jogador (BANDEIRA 2)
12. Garota De Aquarius (MINHA DOCE NARMORADA)

Here's a strange one. A whole LP of songs performed by Betinho from Television Novelas. Each song from a different TV movie.
This is truely one that I would suggest to hardcore Brasil collectors. A sweet little rarity shared from the collection of Greg C. Thanks Greg. Love this little record. Super nice!

File Under: MPB / Brasilian Pop

P.S. The guy must have had some talent to get all this soundtrack work? Also, you'd have to own 11 soundtracks to hear these songs, so this is a real treat! Whoever thought to compile these tracks into one disc had a brainstorm. This is my idea of a perfect Pop record! Flawless.


  1. I know I missed this one the first time you had it up, so I'm going to grab this one right now. The description is too good to let it slip through my fingers again!



  2. Wow, didn't know this was up here. Love it! This sounds much better than the rip i found on Soulseek years ago.

    It's a must for all lovers of Brazilian 70s pop/rock. The telenovela soundtracks gathered some great talent. The singers are often unknown outside Brazil (probably even forgotten in Brazil) but the composers are anything but forgotten. Just consider that many tracks were written exclusively for the novelas by people like Marcos & Paulo Sergio Valle (tracks 8,12), Antonio Carlos & Jocafi (tracks 4,6,7) or Erasmo & Roberto Carlos (track 5).

  3. Is it possible to get a re-up for this?? Thanks you.

  4. I am no longer maintaining this blog any longer. Sorry!

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  7. Man, amazing! Thank you so much for this!! Much much appreciated.