St. Julian Samba Showdown 14 by J Thyme '08 - 320 kbps - 188 mb

I want you to know more then anything when you hear this series what God's love feels like, because that's how I feel when I listen to these. VERY LOVED BY EARTH & THE UNIVERSE! Enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 14 by J Thyme '08

01. Salario Minimo - Hemani De Alvarenga (1976)
02. Se Você Quiser - Beth Carvalho (1976)
03. Resolução - Nadinho Da Ilha (1976)
04. Pra Quà Ficar - Angela Maria (1975)
05. Chove E Não Molha - Elton Medeiros (1977)
06. Amor Perfeito - Elza Soares (1972)
07. Me Diga Teu Nome / Boa Viagem - Ismael Silva (1973)
08. Me Chamo João Só - João Só (1971)
09. Rola Bola - Emilio Santiago (1979)
10. Maos Libertas - Leci Brandão (1976)
11. Benedita - Jorginho do Império (1975)
12. Canto Da Sereia - Claudia Regina (1973)
13. Hippie de Botique - João Roberto Kelly (1974)
14. Iilha De Maré - Alcione (1977)
15. A Sorte do Benedito - Batatinha (1976)
16. Voltei - (Wilson Bombeiro e Anézio) Minha Portela Querida (1972)
17. Garoto De Pobre - Geraldo Filme (1980)
18. Saudade Do Passado - Mano Cedio da Viola (1976)
19. Sou Mais O Samba - Candeia e Ivone Lara (1977)
20. Fufú - Riachão (1973)
21. O Mar Serenou - Clara Nunes (1975)
22. Prova de Carinho - Adoniran Barbosa (1974)
23. Minha Festa - Nelson Cavaquinho (1973)
24. Saudades De La - Djalma Dias (1974)

P.S. If I told you that Sky Father Shango/Xangô had bestowed upon me the right to emit lightning bolts from my fingertips, you'd probably think I was crazy. Oh well, but welcome to wonderful mythical world of Candomblé. If I say that I go into trance & become possessed by the dieties when I put these compilations together, then IT IS SO! BOOM!
This page is about magic. Dance Magic! The sound of the Samba Bass drum is the very sound of Shango/Xangô.
"I put a spell on you". That spell? That dance ecstasy may surround you while listening to this mighty procession of the Gods of Heavenly song & dance!


  1. This lucky bastard is enjoying it very much Justin, thanks again.

  2. Moos, You are ever so welcome! This series is a co-creation & you're responsible for it's development. Really!

  3. first of all thanks a lot for the past 2 samba showdowns.
    My favorite track : Juizo Final by Nelson Cavaquinho.
    Would love to hear what you got today.
    here's my mail : gunterlikes at yahoo.fr

    salut !


  4. Gee Arnaud, You & your vision dragged me all the way to 13. I found strength for one more.

  5. Special Note: You kids over in the EU have the greatest taste.
    France, Italy, Germany, Swiss, Spain, Holland & the U.K.. Look for your buddy in the EU in the coming year. If any place deserves the company of my artistic gifts, I think Europe & its high level of intelligence is more & more appealing to me.

  6. If you ever decide to take a trip to Holland, give a yell and we'll throw us a samba party..,
    This dog is turning fifty 10th of april, come over for a drink ?


  7. A Samba bash in Holland sounds like a sure thing, plus this 1958 Dog would like to bring in this year over in the EU.

  8. Well, Justin, you've done it again. Volume 14... Brilliant, and believe it or not, but 14 is my lucky number.

    You know, two times 7 makes 14 and all that.

    Anyway, glad that you didn't let the haters get to you too much. Oh, and when it comes to that future visit in The Netherlands, you are most welcome!


  9. You have opened up an area of music I knew nothing about...from my heart I thank you with much love, as the music has given me so, so much...but above all you have.

    I wish you would carry on 'educating' me, but I am sure you have your reasons why no more. I look forward to Showdown 14.

    Again, thank you and best wishes

  10. I thought you were kaput. On my Mega Super Mammoth page I notified readers that you were gone. Are you going to stay awhile or just temporarily?

    I need to get that last Showdown comp., so hand around a little while longer. Thanks.
    -EG, Mega Super Mammoth

  11. Molo, You've got great taste. That Juizo Final by Nelson Cavaquinho is so fine. What a guitar player that Nelson is!
    Perhaps we'll party in France in this summer? JT

  12. Hey Baby, The Netherlands has great appeal to me since my namesake is "J" Thyme. Look forward to sampling the various KINDS in your lovely DAMMED city...ha ha. I'll leave it to you to book me a gig once I've set my schedule. REALLY!

  13. Inspire 121, If there were more albums of this era made available to me I would gladly continue, but alas the 70's are a peak era & also a finite one. Only so many LP's.

  14. That's really too bad. Your compilations are among the best I've ever heard. To me, you are operating on the same level as a highly-paid tastemaker like Gilles Peterson.

    Here's my email: chrisacummings@gmail.com

    Looking forward to hearing #14!
    Chris Cummings

  15. Chris, I prefer what I'm doing to Gilles anyday. Let's get into a reality check here. I passed through the classic disco era & spent 10 years of my life under the guidance of Larry Levan of Paradise Garage fame. Gilles can't make that claim. Larry was the greatest DJ & what I do is an honor to his high quality of direction. Justin

  16. Larry Levan ? Disco ?
    You mean you could do something like a "St James Disco Showdown" ?
    Justin, I feel like I'm having a new "vision"...

  17. Justin.
    Thanks for writing back. I'll send my email for the password soon. To be honest, I downloaded all the comps but have not had time to listen to more than perhaps two of them (there's so much out there to grab and listen to and so little time, it seems). I like the same kind of Brazilian music that you do, so I obviously like the comps. _EG

  18. hey justin,
    best wishes from deeeep germany!

    and thanks for 13 mixes and more.
    i neeed the nr. 14!!! Yeah
    thanks erwin

    erwin.panini at web.de

  19. Well, you have passed on to me beautiful sounds that I really do appreciate the time and effort you have spent
    ...with your knowledge of sounds you could always take up Arnauds suggestion ;-) and take us all (well, all 15 of us!) into new and exciting music territory?

    Only a hopeful suggestion...worth asking!

  20. I just submitted a heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful, beautiful sounds you have presented to the masses for months on end and, for whatever reason, the 'Blogger' system spit back an error.

    Anyhow, the gist of my comment was to say while it is unfortunate that there are low-life idiots who don't appreciate all that you are doing here in your presentation/gift of fine, musical art, I for one (and the 14 or so others) truly love what you have goin' here......and it's a real bummer to know that it's on the verge of going away for good. Alas, if I am lucky enough to be "of the 15," I sure as hell would love the chance to hear the 14th installment of your Samba Showdown gems.....


    -white silk


  21. Thank you for all the sounds!!!

  22. Hey,

    First of all, congrats on the blog, really nice work, and I think we´re all very gratefull to you for doing it.
    Second of all, can you please email me the password for Samba Showdown 14????
    The email is : bruno804 (at) hotmail.com

    Thanks a lot, really, and great job!!!!!

  23. As a Disco fan, i have to say that Arnaud is a great "visionnary". At least i hope so ! But first of all, many thanks for this 24 tracks gift !

    Merryl Stubbing

  24. I'll be honest when I say that volume 13 & 14 are closer to what I was after in terms of sequencing & continuity. I think I end this series on a good note.

    Also, I'll offer a spiritual insight by saying, it's not that I'm good at what I do. I love what I do & the Universal Point of attraction will always work with that point of attraction for the highest good of all involved. 2012 is nearing.

  25. For that dude who left that remark about this series & its quality. You DON'T have an opinion in how I flow with my source!

  26. Justin big thanks again, i could complete my brazilian 70s samba shelves with you and Greg, amazing posts all the way through.

    I like the idea of giving one´s favorite track from your compilation : mine is definitely DIA DE AZAR by Joao Nogueira, a totally killer samba that I thank you again for letting me discover. I did a re-edit I will soon post on www.soundsofthe70s.blogpost.com

    I thinks the MEMORY/HISTORY part of your blog has been more than achieved with this St julian series and the posts, and this is what really rocks me : KEEP THE QUALITY MUSIC ALIVE (which means often keep the 70s music alive since the 70s were definitely the peak in western modern music)




  27. Hey B, Thank you for the kind words. It seems that once we reach the horrible MTV 80's that the general quality of music falls off sharply! I keep trying to tell kids that I can't sing a large collection of cars & all that empty bling that seems like the standard of most musical artists in the past 20 years.

  28. Dear Justin,

    I appreciate all the work you've devoted to this site, particularly the other 13 compilations. It must takes you weeks to decide which songs are included and in what order. Please send me the password so that I may enjoy the latest installment.


  29. This is the best of the Samba Showdowns. Thanks. Keep up the high-quality posting.

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

  30. Thank you Robert. I have to agree with you. 13 & 14 both.

  31. Hi J,
    I am one of that hidden freeloaders, who loved so much your music. The ONLY real reason for my silence is that I can take a look at your blog only when I'm working so, the faster I am, the better is for my job. Sorry, I love to talk with people who love music, and it's clear you are one of them, but there is not so much time for me to do this. However, thank you for all your treasures!


  32. Dear Justin
    Thanks for givin us those earthly sounds here in Syros Greece.
    Let us taste the last Showdown 14 of the exelent Samba Showdown series.

    Geia sou Paraskevas kompar2@gmail.com

  33. your job is so great, thanks again for all people who loves brazilian music but can't have this records because of their rarity.thanks again for all...can you send me the password for the last volume the 14th everibody saids is the BEST....

  34. Hi, J

    Thousands thanks for all your compilations and uploads.
    I listened all 13 Samba Compilations. There are wonderful. And I want to listen and enjoy the last one can you send me the pass.

    Thanks in advence.
    With my best regards
    And greetings from Turkey

  35. I'm a bit sad to be finding your blog so late...

    Just went through almost 10 pages of the blog, and really appreciate your passion, your love of sharing, and your taste.

    Would you be kind enough to mail a password to djmedi4@gmail.com?

    Much love and appreciation from Los Angeles, CA...


  36. clubedomeioartistico@gmail.com

    Parabens pelo seu trabalho.
    Aguardo a senha

  37. Parabens pelo seu trabalho
    Estou aguardando a senha

  38. Justin,

    Sooo happy to see your return back,I was anxiously looking forward your greatest selections...
    I´ve done a real special mix,focusing quite on the same matter,and wish if you could have a look...
    Please send me a note on:
    and I´ll be glad to send the link to you,ok ???
    A big hug from Brazil !!!!
    Mario - Speaker Mix Blog

  39. Justin,
    Many thanks for the positive vibrations and sound waves. Your mixes are sure gonna make my brooklyn summer sizzle.

    paz irmao, Lemluv


  40. Hi Justin, I've just wanted to show some support and say thank you for all the wonderful music you brought! Don't let the haters get to you! Peace...


  41. Seu blog, sua iniciativa é muito louvável.

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