St. Julian Samba Showdown 13 by J Thyme '08 - 320 kbps - 174 mb

I'll ask you to consider the rarity of the material that I have to work with. The 70's is a "Finite" era! Let's look at these selections instead as an experiment in continuity. I'll be truthful here by saying that I didn't think I could make another volume. With "Spirit" all things are possible. Thank you "Great Spirit" for working through me. I hope you enjoy this 13th installment of the series. Also, the intention of this series is not a "DANCE MIX", but a very nice look at some key albums of the 70's MPB/Samba scene. An experiment in continuity. OK?

St. Julian Samba Showdown 13 by J Thyme '08

01. Clube Do Samba - João Nogueira (1983)
02. Pra Bater Minha Viola - Elton Medeiros (1973)
03. Mais Do Que Eu - Elza Soares (1972)
04. Juizo Final - Nelson Cavaquinho (1973)
05. Alegria Perdida - Yôyô De Yáyá - Candeia (1975)
06. Esta Com Raiva - João Roberto Kelly (1974)
07. Ser Mulher (Amelia De Verdade) - Leci Brandão (1976)
08. Paisagem - Nadinho Da Ilha (1976)
09. Abrigo de Vagabundos - Adoniran Barbosa (1974)
10. Morte Do Amor - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1971)
11. Crioulo Sambista - Synval Silva (1973)
12. Calango Do Seo Tiburcio - Os Originais do Samba (1975)
13. Deixa O Carnaval Passar - Jorginho do Império (1975)
14. Orgulho De Bom Sambista - Johnny Alf (1978)
15. Que Nega É Essa - Trio Mocotó (1975)
16. Crítica - Cyro Aguiar (1975)
17. Amor Em Jacuma - Cravo E Canela (1977)
18. Tribo De Carajás (Aruanã Açu) - Martinho Da Vila (1974)
19. Amor Dos Outros - Giovana (1975)
20. Vou Chegando - Riachão (1973)
21. Carnaval Nao Envelhece - Jair Rodrigues (1973)
22. Branco De Paz - Dora Lopes (1974)
23. Tradição (Vai No Bexiga Pra Ver) - Geraldo Filme (1980)
24. Antonico - Ismael Silva (1973)

P.S. There's a name for people who like this series...Brasil Nuts!
This volume was made possible through listener feedback. Thank you Arnaud for your "Vision".
Also, they say 13 is "unlucky". I'd say this one is a "Lucky 13". The chance of 24 of these gems lined up in a row is "Pure Luck".


  1. I'm SO HAPPY you're back! Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you. I always love your compilations.

  3. Lovely, as usual... your selections are fantastic and flow together very nicely.

    Wasn't criticizing with my 'funkier please' comment... these are beautiful samba collections and just right as is.

    BUT, the mind reels at the rare gems someone like you might put out there from the deeper funk/disco stuff coming out of Brasil in the mid/late 70s. Could be fun...

  4. yes man! welcome back. i've been spreading brazil's musical vibes amongst my friends and coworkers for some time now, but your blog helped take things to a whole new level. as for the samba showdowns, i have listened to all of them, but have a friend who has not only listened to them all but created his own best of the best of playlist. keep it up!


  5. Dear Justin,
    Your ear for samba is one that truely understands, thanks oncemore for a great compilation,
    it rocks !


  6. Thank you Moos. It's listeners like YOU who support me & make it a real pleasure to explore in greater detail this rich spot on God's good Earth.

  7. super smooth.. great comp J really nice stuff,, the last part of otto's post sounds good too.. always look forward to each post J.
    excellent :)

  8. Thank you Lemoncat, but I don't think I'll be posting any Brasilian Disco.

  9. bless you
    what happened to the blog?

  10. The blog has gone through a transformation of sorts.

  11. great news! i just updated the samba showdown files from my external hard drive and passed by out of curiosity. holy curiosity, hahaha. welcome back and, as usual, thanks a lot :)

  12. I'm dancing up a storm, glass of wine in hand! *swaying hips*

    Thank you, thank you for all your efforts - so glad I found your blog!

    Greetings from Canada's westcoast!

  13. Great comp J, your bring summer to our places !

    keep on!

    check my last 70s compilation too : RICH BLEND on www.soundsofthe70s.blogspot

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