Os Originais Do Samba - O Samba É A Corda...Os Originais A Cacamba [1972 RCA Victor] 320 kbps - 99 mb

This was my first exposure to this group some 10 years ago. I've since falling in love with this band's other LP's as well. This is good place to start though. The early 70's is a moment when the recording of Samba-Pop is reaching a peak. This is one such moment.

Os Originais Do Samba
O Samba É A Corda...Os Originais A Cacamba [1972 RCA Victor]

01. Do Lado Direito Da Rua Direita
02. Catimba Criolo
03. Ciranda, Cirandeia (Recife Em Dia De Festa)
04. Esperanças Perdidas
05. Cravos E Rosas
06. As Três Capitais
07. Eu Vou Pagar Para Ver
08. Tchuna Marucaiaô
09. Boi Bumbá
10. E Lá Se Vão Meus Aneis
11. Tereza
12. Lá Vem Salgueiro
13. A Volta Do Ponteiro

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P.S. A Samba Masterpiece! This session is on fire. If you find yourself enjoying this album, then don't miss either - Alegria de Sambar [1975 RCA Victor] or Os Bons Sambistas Vão Voltar [1977 RCA Victor]. Both are excellent.


  1. where is this samba(looking) masterpiece???
    can you hit me up on gmail to chat??

  2. Joshua. Yes, that link seems to have expired. One moment.

  3. Great work, thanks again, think I've played 'A Volta Do Ponteiro' around 50 times since yesterday. All set to my album for the summer

  4. Superb.One of my favourite sambas Esperanca Perdidas.
    Theres a new young group from SP called Tamanca Malandro who are reviving this approach to Samba.They are amazing i think.Check them out here