Leci Brandão - Questão De Gosto [1976 Polydor] 320 kbps - 75 mb (Reup)

Here's one for those looking for a nice slice of deep Samba. An excellent mid 70's session with beautiful production. This one spins extremely well. Enjoy & thank you Greg for this lovely session. A real winner and a total masterpiece!

File Under: Samba

Cartola e Leci Brandão - Deixa Pra Lá - Programa Ensaio

Thank you SO MUCH, Charles. Wow!


  1. Really dig the mixes but also really appreciate getting to hear some whole albums. You've posted some really sweet music. Thanks!


  2. Kev, At this point all I can really offer in the way of LP's are re-posts. The mixes are the backbone of this page. Let's play with SELECTOR.

  3. I discovered Leci brandao yesterday with YouTube and this marvellous song : Deixa pra la ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRCB7fTpl3Y ). I was looking for something about Leci and i found this blog !! What a lucky day !!It's my first download and i can say that is pretty good !!! I know yet some of these discs presented here because i go too on the Loronix's blog and i find the selection very solid and interessing. I'm excited to explore all that i ignore !!
    Big thank.

    P.S : sorry for my english that is a little short ( i'm french ).

  4. One of the finest samba albums ever made, a real Pearl! Much love , Don Fabs

  5. I'm from Brazil, thank you, even here this album is hard to find.