Jorginho do Império - Viagem Encantada [1975 Polydor] 320 kbps - 82 mb (Reup)

A very nice Samba LP from 1975 by Jorginho do Império.  Mid - 70's Brasil is a sure bet!  Thank you as always for this & all your super lovely shares...Greg C. This record ROCKS.

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  1. Hey J Thyme how are you? Can you post again Jorginho do Imperio, the link is no good. Great Blog

    Thank you

  2. Hi, great blog, thank you so much to make me discover lot of nice brazilian music. I did'nt know Jorginho do Imperio, what a mistake !!
    Have you more Lp from this artist please ? I found "eu e meu pandeiro " and "samba 1976 " but I can't find more like "Festa Do Preto Forro ", "Coisa Boa", "Festa Do Samba", "Viva Meu Samba", "Agora Sim", "Felicidade "...it would be a must !! once again , thank you

  3. Hi Dri. I have only 4 LP's by Jorginho. This one & Eu E Meu Pandeiro [1976 Polydor] & Jorginho do Império - Samba [1976] & Jorginho do Império [1981 CBS]. Many albums from the 70's are sadly out of print.

  4. ok thank you, i already have them too now...
    yours samba shodown compilations are treasures for me.
    good continuation

  5. Hi Dri, Glad someone is enjoying the series.