João Só - João Só, Na Multidão [1971 Odeon] 320 kbps - 65 mb (Reup)

The heavens were shining upon our guide of this page Greg when he found this lovely LP. Excellent example of that early 70's Odeon sound. I doubt this recording ever saw a reissue & if there were to be one, it would be the Japanese who would most likely issue it. I would also guess that João Só had one shot at a recording date with a studio of this stature & boy did the Odeon studios hook him up. A stunning example of early 70's MPB. Samba-Pop doesn't get any better then this. Heavenly!
I adore this recording!

João Só - João Só, Na Multidão [1971 Odeon]
01. Marinheiro Só (Caetano veloso)
02. Falo Ao Mar (João Só)
03. Cancão Pra Janaina (João Só)
04. Copacabana (João De Barro - Alberto Ribeiro)
05. Quem Sabe O Amanha (João Só-Dom Salvador)
06. Me Chamo João Só (João Só)
07. Minha Bahia Quero Ver (João Só)
08. Inhambu (João Só - Laércio De freitas)
09. Por Um Minuto Apenas (João Só)
10. Flavia (João Só)
11. Minina Da Ladeira (João Só)
12. Voce Ja Foi À Bahia (Dorival Caymmi)

File Under: MPB / Samba- Pop

P.S. This should sit nicely next to the Elza Pede Passagem [1972 Odeon] by Elza Soares. Thank you Greg for this share.
For those of you lucky enough to walk down a Rio Boulevard, just dig that front cover. Very cool! And look at that beat up guitar. A nice contrast to João's crisp white suit. Love the white suit, very YANG.


  1. Hey Justin,

    Great album, I liked it from the first note.
    Just got back home from a few days off, what happened to last week's discussion ? May I ask ?

  2. Well Moos, I'm sitting here & spinning volume 14 & making sure that this edition lives up to the FINALLY of the series.

  3. Just discovered your wonderful blog. This album is beautiful!! Thank you so much. The video below with Cartola is equally mind blowing. What a great share!!!

  4. Amigo todos os links estão ruim sera que dá para concertar?