Manoel Conceição (Mão De Vaca) - Batucada Do Mané [1975 RCA Camden] 256 kbps - 51 mb (Reup)

Continuing my look at the "RCA" sound. Boy, whoever was doing the engineering over there on the boards, really knew his stuff. Amazingly recorded & beautifully performed by Manoel Conceição. This session has real MAGIC. Very short at 28 minutes, but what a 28 minutes they are. Perfect. A real jewel in the crown of the RCA sound. I adore this little record. 5 stars!

File: Samba / MPB

P.S. This & that Giovana rock. Very strong guitar work here!
Sometimes I like to line up these RCA sides in a row so we can get a fix on the studio sound.  Don't miss this.


  1. Found this one only today and I can say that your words about it are an understatement. The music, the guitar, the percussion, the production etc are magnificent (for lack of a better word). Now I have to listen to all of your RCA and batucada posts. I really look forward to it!

  2. This is a masterfully performed & recorded session. If you listen to this with headphones, then you're in for a real treat. The panning on the percussion is heavenly. A perfect record.

  3. I always use headphones and - as you write - this album sort of explodes then. Never knew that there was such a great studio in Brazil. Better late than never!
    When going your archives I noticed that RS and ZS links for albums with RCA labels are dead. MU works fine.