Jaime Alem & Nair Candia - Jaime & Nair [1974 CID] 320 kbps - 84 mb

For a tiny little label, CID seems to have its share of winners and this is certainly one them! From the first track, with its very crisp percussion work by Wilson Das Neves, we are off to a really nice start. Nair has a heavenly, heavenly voice, as does Jaime. Production is outstanding!
The sound here is more rural then urban. One can really hear those rustic influences on "Nigua-Ninhas E Coco Do Norte" and the track "Sabia, Diga La", which is almost a country-funk track ... BIZARRE! Spins well. A charming little record.

File Under: Folk-Rock / Forró / MPB


  1. Some real masterpieces here !
    Do you own the record, are there printed lyrics that you might be able to scan and provide to us?
    many thanks!

  2. Andre, Sorry, I'm between homes & all of my collection are in boxes. My issue is a Japanese pressing & yes, there is a lyric sheet, but I do not have it handy.
    The person who may have this is:
    Ask her. She may have the lyric sheet. She's a completist.

  3. Sadly the links r no longer available :( could u reupload the file? I'll be very happy if you do :-)