Giovana - Qem Tem Carinho Me Leva [1975 RCA Victor] 320 kbps - 68 mb (Re-reup)

Beautiful example of the Samba form at its purest with an amazing Electric Bass surprise. Full of rare charm & overflowing with JOY & FIDELITY. This record grooves mightily. A real winner! Get this. AMAZING!!! A Greg C share.
Thank you so much for this gem Greg.

File Under: Samba

P.S. Love this label. Keep your eye on that "RCA" sound, early/mid 70's. Sweet & very together!
Thank you Sabadabada blogspot for the lovely scan on this very fine rarity.
This is one of those sessions where everything comes together perfectly for a style. Nicely recorded.


  1. What a lovely post !!
    I like the voice and this 70's production. Her singing make me think a little to Martino Da Vila or his daugher Mart'nalia.
    Very good samba.

  2. j thyme:

    i cant tell you how much i appreciate you taking the time to reupload all these albums. i had checked out your blog before but i never realized how many dope brazilian gems you had up here until after zshare went to shit! much love for your efforts

  3. I've been listening to this one for months now and love it more all the time. Giovana has something magic going on. And you're absolutely right about that deep samba sound coming out especially rich on these RCA sides. Thank you for this labor of love, which is sincerely appreciated. I've learned so much!

  4. Oi JThyme,

    Could you please re-up the Sharebee files? It appears their servers are down. BTW, muito obrigado for the very beautiful collection found here. I've spent days downloading. It's time I can never get back, but time I wouldn't rather spend doing anything else. I wish there was a way to pay you back. Felicidades camarada desde el Este de Los Angeles ;-)

  5. This is a bomb! Thank you so much for it!

  6. Title says "re-up" but the server says "file does not existe" :(

  7. great blog, plz keep reuping 4eva

  8. Thank you, obrigado! This site provides access to a treasure trove of music unavailable anywhere else. Plus the title-links lead directly to zippyshare without pop-ups. I am listening to samba while it snows in Vancouver.