Antônio Carlos & Jocafi "Mudei De Ideia" [1971 RCA Victor] 320 kbps - 77 mb

See the pretty cover? See the pretty cover burn the eyeball. The pretty cover is an invitation to have a nice acid guitar player burn your ass. Come in and feel the flames scorch your behind. You'll love it. This can be called Samba Funk with a Rock edge or it could be called Samba Rock with a funky edge. You decide. One thing is for sure, some of Jimi Hendrix's sweat fell on the guitar player.

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi "Mudei De Ideia"
1971 RCA Victor [Remastered] 2001
1.Voce Abusou
2.Se Quiser Valer
4.Conceicao Da Praia
6.Mudei De Ideia
8.Quem Vem La
9.Nord West
10.Morte Do Amor
11.Deus O Salve

File Under: Samba Rock / MPB

P.S. I line up these RCA ones in a row to show the label sound.
This Samba Pop is on some serious A-C-I-D. A beautiful balance between softer numbers & the more "over the top" type tracks. A Masterpiece of RCA recording. Also of the two covers above, the top one fully communicates what's inside. The art director was going in the right direction with those hot pinks & orange just searing the eye and transmitting the inner content of the sounds contain within the sleave.
Additionally, I hear this one is to see a proper vinyl re-issue by Mr. Bongo U.K., so look for that.


  1. Your review left me in stitches! Picked it up cuz of my love for psych and your write up but this is mind-blowing! Voce Abusou, Nord West and Deus O Salve are my faves so far.

  2. Cheeba, This is the Re-master & it kicks!! Flawless remastering! To make things even juicer, my good friend of this page Greg tells me that this one is up for a Mr. Bongo re-issue on vinyl. The same applies to the Sivuca produced "Preco De Cada Um" by Cravo E Canela. It too is up for a Mr. Bongo Re-issue on vinyl. So please peep that one on my page. OK?

  3. Cheeba, I'm glad someone finds this funny writing.

  4. Unfortunaly the link is dead, can you reupload please?