Arnaud Rodrigues - Som Do Paulinho [1976 RCA Victor] 256 kbps - 70 mb (reup)

I bring this LP back to the front to honor the passing of a very talented musical artist, Arnaud Rodrigues. Who was found at sea drowned at age 68 on Feb, 17, 2010.
I really like the work of Arnaud Rodrigues. He has a nice vocal style & a wonderful understated funkiness. This LP mixes many styles to good effect. I guess I would describe this as Samba/Rock/Funk with a nice Forró edge. Some really great tracks here & solid all the way through. I adore what was coming out of not just the RCA studios at this time, but Brasil as a whole.

File Under: MPB/Samba-Rock/Forró

P.S. I'll mention that this artist can be heard to very good effect on "Azambuja & CIA [1975 CID]" & "Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos [1974 CID] & Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos 2 [1975 Som Livre]" as well as this very fine disc. R.I.P. Arnaud and thank you for your contribution to MPB.


Antônio Carlos & Jocafi - Definitivamente [1974 RCA Victor] 320 kbps - 88 mb

I was uncertain about this disc for a long time, but have finally fallen in love with it over time. All songs are penned by this duo except track 11 which is composed by Antônio Carlos & Nonato Buzar. A bit mellower then the 1973 set, but one that grows on you after a few spins. Well, maybe more like 5 or 6 spins. So be patient with this one. I promise a very enjoyable listen here. Full of warmth & imaginative song-writing & subtle embellishment by the RCA studios. Sweet!

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi - Definitivamente [1974 RCA Victor]

01. Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos
02. Alarme Falso
03. Chuculatêra
04. Sexto Sentido
05. O poeta e o cobertor
06. Diacho de dor (com Maria Creusa)
07. Maldita hora
08. Terceiro ato (Romance teatral)
09. Meia noite
10. Toró de lágrimas
11. Uma ordem sim sinhô
12. Definitivamente

File Under: MPB/ Samba-Pop/Forró

P.S. This is the BMG issue from 2001 which included the first LP "MUDEI DE IDÉIA", but I offer this LP by itself.

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi - Antônio Carlos & Jocafii [1973 RCA Victor] 256 kbps - 76 mb

Another really excellent slice of MPB served up by the RCA Victor studios featuring Antônio Carlos & Jocafi. Every song written by this fantastic duo. Not one bad song on this masterwork of early 70's Brasilian Samba-Pop. Lovely mixture of styles and really sweet production by the staff at RCA Victor. Too many good tracks for me to single out any one number. A solid spinner & one that gets better with each listen. Promise!

Antônio Carlos & Jocafii [1973 RCA Victor]

01. Teimosa
02. Glorioso Santo Antonio
03. Dona Da Casa
04. Gamelera (As Moca)
05. Sanfona Veia
06. Deixe Que E Dengo Dela
07. Fraqueza
08. Te Quiero
09. Tereza Guerreira
10. Por Nossa Senhora
11. Um Abraco No Lucien Extensivo Ao Edu Lobo
12. Xamego De Ina

File Under: MPB/ Samba-Pop/Forró

P.S. Thank you Greg for this rip & for making sure that I didn't miss this recording. Also, If you happen to come across that idiot "Joe Sixpack's Brazilian Music Guide", please don't believe every word that that guy has to say about MPB. He's kinda lost!