The Silhouettes - Conversation With The Silhouettes [1969 Segue] 320 kbps - 84 mb (REUP)

Of the three of these international Bossa Jazz sets, I'd say this is perhaps my favorite of the three, but all three are certainly in the same ballpark both stylistically & of the same era & are also stunning examples of Bossa's influence on World Jazz Pop. This would also play nicely off of my Italian Bossa Jazz set that I've posted as another point on this subject. Produced by Nathan Haynes in the U.S. for the Seque label. This record has some real chops & some trippy influences colliding within this lovely swirl of U.S. Bossa Jazz Funk. I hope the impact of hearing these three together keeps us focused on the goal of a page like this to cross refer information for the ultimate MPB experience. This is a seriously fantastic record. Flutes, Vibes, Electric bass & groovy femmes to tickle the fancy. "Norwegian Wood" gets a very nice rendering here. I adore this record. Aged really well & not one bad number on this foxy ass set. Love the flute work on this & the female vocalist is super yummy & accessible! Flawless.

File Under: U.S. Bossa Jazz Funk

P.S. I love to load the bases & now let me see if I can bring someone good enough to bat these players home?
If you play the three together, then you're surely in a nice Bossa orbit.


Roberto Menescal - O Conjunto de Roberto Menescal [1969 Forma]

Roberto Menescal - O Conjunto de Roberto Menescal [1969 Forma]

01. On Broadway
02. Depois da Queda
03. Amazonas
04. Nos
05. Visao
06. Litoral
07. Five Tour
08. Nana
09. Canto Puro Amor
10. O Barquinho
11. Memorias de Maria Sare
12. Rema

Do you know the way to San Jose or Ipanema?  This record might help you in that search!
A good listen & also very essential.  Amazing Forma session!  "Depois da Queda"is a highlight here, but there are others!  Very nice & good easy listening fun in a Bossa way!


Beth Carvalho - Andança [1969 Odeon] 256 kbps - 58 mb

I was quite surprised to not find this LP up on Loronix. I do not have the verso on this album cover, but I can report that it is a very nice slice of late 60's MPB. Her voice is beautiful & the song selections & production are just so enjoyable. This is a nice look at this Samba queen in a more jazz-pop setting before she would emerge into a more Samba oriented singer in the 70's. I really enjoy this session & find her to be in the same territory as Nara Leao or early Joyce in many ways. A sweet debut with many really amazing tracks. Very nice!

Beth Carvalho - Andança [1969 Odeon]
01. Um amor em cada coração (Baden Powell - Vinicius de Moraes)
02. Maria Aninha (Fred Falcão - Paulinho Tapajós)
03. Fechei a porta (Ferreira da Silva - Sebastião Mota)
04. O porto (Renato Rocha)
05. Carnaval (Carlos Elias - Nelson Lins e Barros)
06. Andança (Edmundo Souto - Danilo Caymmi - Paulinho Tapajós)
07. Rumo sul (Edmundo Souto - Paulinho Tapajós)
08. Sentinela (Milton Nascimento - Fernando Brant)
09. Nunca (Lupicínio Rodrigues)
10. Samba do perdão (Baden Powell - Paulo César Pinheiro)
11. Maria da favela (Paulo Sergio Valle - Marcos Valle)
12. Estrela do mar (Marino Pinto - Paulo Soledade)

File Under: MPB

P.S. Perhaps Loronix will grace us with a higher quality rip? We'll see?

Dóris Monteiro - Dóris [1971 Odeon] 320 kbps - 77 mb

This is my favorite female voice in Brasil. I adore Dóris & so do the song-writers & producers over at Odeon. They roll out the red carpet for her on this set. A totally winning session and Dóris really knows how to sell a song. A perfect 30 minute recording! Enjoy!

File Under: MPB

P.S. If you find yourself enjoying this LP, then please order a copy from Dusty Groove America or the ITunes store. OK?


Dóris Monteiro - Simplesmente [1966 Philips/1996 Bomba] 320 kbps - 70 mb (Reup)

I present this recording to make some distinctions about this flawless session. First, this is perhaps my favorite of the Divas over here in Brasil. Since we are no longer in an era where Opera is flowing into the popular form, this type of voice sits very well with my classical leanings. When I conjure up the word Diva this lady will certainly fit the part. I love the ease, perfect pitch & phrasing of this finely tuned Jazz singer. 27 minutes in length with each song about 2 minutes long. I adore this kind of songwriting. Tight & very focused song choices & arrangements & Dóris really knows how to sell each & every number on this masterpiece of Bossa Nova / MPB. This record is so fine, I could listen to it twice in a row, it's that good.
This is the 1996 Bomba re-issue from Japan & overflowing with fidelity. It's in not only my top picks of this era, but one of the all time great recordings of this mighty musical culture. 5 stars! OK?

File Under: Bossa Nova / MPB


Geraldo Filme "Geraldo Filme" 1980 Estúdio Eldorado - 256 kbps - 64 mb (Reup)

Let me start by saying that this is a MASTERPIECE of the Samba form. Maybe one of the greatest! If you look carefully at my Samba Showdowns, I keep dipping into this LP again & again & again & yet again.
A magnificently produced session & a very nice ride from start to finish. Wonderful choral singing & memorable guitar & percussion work here too. One spin of this should reveal why I've chosen this so many times when I do my round-ups. Enjoy!

File Under: Samba

P.S. For a tiny studio, Estúdio Eldorado certainly had an engineer who knew how to mic & work that mixing board. Wonderful tape saturation on this one & oh that warmth on the Samba Bass Drum just seals this! A PINNACLE.
A big, big "Thank You" to my SLSK buddy M!LLE from Minas Geraes for introducing me to this one.


St. Julian Samba Showdown by Justin Thyme (2006) 320 kbps - 174 mb (Reup)

St. Julian Samba Showdown by Justin Thyme (2006)

01. O Rei Do Calango (Calangotango) - Abaetê (1977)
02. Conceição da Praia - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1971)
03. Rock De Minas Gerais - Arnaud Rodrigues (1976)
04. Negra Brecho - Azambuja & Cia (1975)
05. Camisa 10 - Brasilian Singers (1974)
06. Lenda Das Amazonas - Burnier & Cartier (1976)
07. Mambembe - Chico Buarque (1972)
08. De Noite Na Cama - Dóris Monteiro (1971)
09. Bezouro Mangangá - Eliana Pittman (1972)
10. Barao Beleza - Elza Soares (1972)
11. Com Que Roupa - Gilberto Gil (1991)
12. Laborio - Giovana (1975)
13. Sabia, Diga La - Jaime Alem & Nair Candia (1974)
14. O Ronco da Cuica - João Bosco (1976)
15. Não Põe A Mão - Manoel Conceição (1975)
16. Não Tem Nada Não - Marcos Valle (1973)
17. Você Não Passa De Uma Mulher - Martinho da Vila (1975)
18. Bola Preta Pra Mim - Miltinho (1969)
19. Partido Alto - MPB-4 (1972)
20. Malvadeza Durao - Nara Leão (1965)
21. Foi Um Rio Que Passou Em Minha Vida - Paulinho da Viola (1969)
22. Levante A Cabeça - Som Nosso (1977)
23. Xamego De Ina - Trio Mocotó (1971)
24. Samba Pra Vinícius - Vinícius & Toquinho (1973)

St. Julian Samba Showdown 2 by J Thyme '07 - 224 kbps - 198 mb (Reup)

St. Julian Samba Showdown 2 by J Thyme '07

01. Bobeira - Edson Frederico (1975)
02. Adivinhação - Sergio Bore (1981)
03. Vou Correr - Manoel Conceição (Mão De Vaca) (1975)
04. Qual E? - Djavan (1973)
05. Tema De Azambuja - Azambuja & Cia. (Conjunto Aiymuth) (1975)
06. Balanca Povo - Martinho Da Vila (1972)
07. Guardei Minha Viola - Paulinho da Viola (1972)
08. Quem Tem Carinho Me Leva - Giovana (1975)
09. Eu Bebo Sim - Golden Boys (1973)
10. Quem Vem La - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1971)
11. Se E Questao De Deus Ate Logo - Tamba Trio (1974)
12. Cidad„o da Mata - Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos (1974)
13. Bala Com Bala - João Bosco (1973)
14. Sandalia De Prata - Johnny Alf (1973)
15. Promessa De Pescador - Papete (1975)
16. Gago Apaixonado - Cravo E Canela (1977)
17. O Orvalho Vem Caindo - Carlos Lyra & Verônica Sabino (1991)
18. Boi Da Cara Preta (Eneida, Amor e Fantasia) - Brasilian Singers (1974)
19. O Comeco Da Festa - Luiz Gonzaga Jr. (1975)
20. Dama Da Noite - João Nogueira (1979)
21. Balanco Do Violao - Hyldon (1975)
22. Do Lado Direito Da Rua Direita - Os Originais Do Samba (1972)
23. É isso Aí - Dóris Monteiro (1971)
24. Tereza Guerreira - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1973)

I leave a few clues here for my DJ friends. When you see an LP cover appear again & again over several volumes of these mixes, then you can rest assured that the LP is a strong one. An example would be, Geraldo Filme [1980 Estúdio Eldorado]. This LP is all over my Samba Showdowns. A Masterpiece in every way!
The other key thing is repeats on artists over several mixes. A few names on repeat are João Bosco, Antônio Carlos & Jocafi, João Nogueira, Dóris Monteiro, Martinho Da Vila, Emilio Santiago, Candeia, Os Originais Do Samba, Paulinho Da Viola, etc, etc.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 3 by J Thyme '07 - 320 kbps - 199 mb (Reup)

My favorite thing to do when I've just done it, is to do it again. Here's to doin' it again & again & again. Brasil is one of the most fertile musical areas on this here Earth. May these compilations be the PROOF that this music is endlessly enjoyable & highly spinable. Bravo to the infinite bliss that is the music of South America! Enjoy.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 3 by J Thyme '07

01. Afina O Meu Violao - Emilio Santiago (1978)
02. Segure Tudo - Martinho Da Vila (1971)
03. O Babulina - Dominguinhos (1976)
04. Nago - Trio Mocotó (1971)
05. Dia De Azar - João Nogueira (1979)
06. Dona Da Casa Boa Noite - Noite Ilustrada (1976)
07. Pra Que Tanta Explicao - Téca & Ricardo (1976)
08. Os Caras Querem - Wilson Das Neves E Conjunto (1976)
09. Figa De Guiné - Anamaria & Mauricio (1973)
10. Nega Dina - Nara Leão (1965)
11. As Pastorinhas - Morais Moreira (1991)
12. Baton Cereja - Abaetê (1977)
13. Na Cara Desse Cara - Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax (1976)
14. Roendo As Unhas - Paulinho Da Viola (1973)
15. Solidao - Dóris Monteiro (1981)
16. Pirim Pim Pim - Paulo Diniz (1974)
17. Irmaos Coragem - Som Tres (1970)
18. François - Som Nosso (1977)
19. Dona Da Casa - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1973)
20. Capoeira Poeira - Cravo E Canela (1977)
21. Uma Sombra Na Estrada - Trio Ternura (1971)
22. Agua De Coco - Papete (1975)
23. Malandro Velho - Seginho Meriti (1981)
24. Moeda Quebrada - Leilão - Miltinho (1969)

File Under: MPB / Samba

P.S. May we from other lands come to respect the GREATNESS that is the music of sunny Brasil.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 4 by J Thyme '07 - 320 kbps - 172 mb (Reup)

This outpouring could only be conceived of in the spirit of love. Some things are not created with money as a goal. I just really like this movement & enjoy lining up some key tracks for optimal listening enjoyment. I hope you're enjoying the celebration of song as presented here?

St. Julian Samba Showdown 4 by J Thyme '07

01. Chula Louca - Luis Vagner Lopes (1974)
02. Mirandolina - Burnier & Cartier (1974)
03. Eu Vou De Banda - Dominguinhos (1977)
04. Na Passarela - Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax (1976)
05. Em Cima Daquele Morro - Arnaud Rodrigues (1976)
06. Silêncio no Bexiga - Geraldo Filme (1980)
07. Xuxu Melão - Trio Mocotó (1975)
08. O Maestro e o Arquiteto - Abaetê (1977)
09. Canta Canta, Minha Gente - Martinho Da Vila (1974)
10. Ameriqueiro - Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos (1975)
11. Quem Sabe O Amanha - João Só (1971)
12. Gago Apaixonado - João Nogueira (1974)
13. A Volta Do Ponteiro - Os Originais Do Samba (1972)
14. Estou Chegando Agora - Wilson Das Neves E Conjunto (1976)
15. Par Ou Impar - César Costa Filho (1977)
16. Se Quiser Valer - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1971)
17. Batucada Do Mané - Manoel Conceição (1975)
18. Saudações - Johnny Alf (1974)
19. Ninguém Dá O Que Nao Tem - Claudia (1968)
20. Para-Raio - Djavan (1976)
21. Argumento - Paulinho da Viola (1975)
22. Maita - Giovana (1975)
23. O Plebeu - Jorge Ben (1975)
24. Dia De Festa - Sapoty da Mangueira (1975)

P.S. I'd like to think of what I'm doing with this series as a kind of reporting. There's a very good story over here in Brasil in the 70's. The art of recording is through the roof. These kids over here are no joke. The art of mic-ing & tape saturation & mastering is high, high art! Combine that with perhaps one of the most developed rhythm sections & melodic craft fused to masterful arranging & engineering & you've got "A Golden Age". There's a fantastic story here & I'd like very much to report on what I'm seeing here, 'coz it's great! I hope you agree?

St. Julian Samba Showdown 5 by J Thyme '07 - 320 kbps - 189 mb (reup)

St. Julian Samba Showdown 5 by J Thyme '07

01. Uma Rosa Com Amor - Marcos Moran e Samba Som 7 (1973)
02. Teresa (CORRIDA DO OURO) - Betinho (1974)
03. Selva de Feras - Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos (1974)
04. O Poste Da Rua Jorge De Lima - Azambuja & Cia. (1975)
05. Terceiro Ato (Romance Teatral) - Antonio Carlos E Jocafi (1975)
06. Quantas Lágrimas - Cristina Buarque (1974)
07. Juventude Transvida - Luiz Melodia (1976)
08. Mercado São José - Arnaud Rodrigues (1976)
09. Verde Que Te Quero Rosa - Cartola (1977)
10. Pensar Pra Que - Bebeto (1975)
11. Samba De Amigo - Amado Maita (1972)
12. Estatutos Da Gafieira - Cravo E Canela (1977)
13. Conde - Miltinho (1969)
14. Papo Furado - Airto (1970)
15. Adeus Ceará - Téo Azevedo (1974)
16. De Noite, Na Cama - Erasmo Carlos (1971)
17. Santeiro - Wilson Das Neves E Conjunto (1976)
18. Tchuna Marucaiaô - Os Originais Do Samba (1972)
19. Nação - Clara Nunes (1982)
20. Escadas da Penha - João Bosco (1975)
21. Socorro! - O Grupo (1971)
22. Quero Alegria - Emilio Santiago (1975)
23. Numa Esquina De Hanoi - Djavan (1978)
24. Onda Natureza - Bedeu (1983)

St. Julian Samba Showdown 6 by J Thyme '07 - 320 kbps - 190 mb (reup)

"HELP", I've been taken hostage by this music called SAMBA. Worst things have happened though. Plus, I'm a willing captive.
You're maybe thinking, "Can he surprise us with more delectable goodies?" Well, just when you thought I couldn't surprise you anymore, I'm gonna drop one on 'ya...ha ha. Also, these 6 volumes equal 144 songs & 7 hours of music. If anyone is looking for a HIGHLY SPIRITED DJ, I'm for hire anywhere on planet E & yes, I'll play your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Come on Mom & Dad & treat your special 13 year old to a Samba bash.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 6 by J Thyme '07

01. Doca - Trio Mocotó (1975)
02. Espelho - João Nogueira (1977)
03. Ritual - Leci Brandão (1976)
04. Vermelho, Azul E Branco - Os Originais Do Samba (1975)
05. Para De Chorar A Toa - Giovana (1975)
06. Marejou - Martinho Da Vila (1972)
07. Mulher De Malandro - Geraldo Filme (1980)
08. Deixe Que E Dengo Dela - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1973)
09. Minha Illusao - Dominguinhos (1976)
10. Maria Madalena da Portela - Candeia (1977)
11. Perdoa - Paulinho da Viola (1977)
12. Pra Que Dinheiro - Jair Rodriguez (1969)
13. Disse Me Disse - Manoel Conceição (1975)
14. Cabra Criada - João Bosco (1979)
15. Estrada De Canindé - Odair Cabeça De Poeta & Grupo Capote (1975)
16. Frevo Mulher - Amelinha (1978)
17. Se Você Quiser - Ed Lincoln (1971)
18. Morre O Burro, Fica O Homem - Osmar Milito (1973)
19. Subindo O Espigao - Betinho (1974)
20. Minha Bahia Quero Ver - João Só (1971)
21. Ventos De Junho - Emilio Santiago (1978)
22. Pra Que Brigar - Grupo Manifesto (1968)
23. Fato Consumado - Djavan (1976)
24. Pois E, Sei La - Abilio Manoel (1970)

St. Julian Samba Showdown 7 by J Thyme '07 - 320 kbps - 187 mb (reup)

Some things are just ready to happen & so they do. I present this volume in keeping with the flow of energy of the season...Spring! So here's to Spring as it becomes Summer. Since Spring is the time of year when everything is in bloom, I present yet another bouquet of musical pickings. I will beg off with continuity from volume to volume, but ask that you consider these a roundup of some of the better tracks from that era "The '70's". I do my very best to make sure each volume is full of surprises. I hope you say after listening to this, "Boy, where did he find that one?". Let's see, or should I say "Let's hear". Wishing massive Sambas to your Summer or if you're in Brasil, Winter. Enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 7 by J Thyme '07

01. Turbilhão - Toquinho & Vinícius (1975)
02. Minha Esquina - Emilo Santiago (1977)
03. Bom Dia, Boa Tarde, Boa Noite, Amor - MPB-4 (1972)
04. Amor De Doia Anos - João Nogueira (1979)
05. Disse Me Disse - Orlandivo (1976)
06. Porta Aberta - Eduardo e Silvinha Araújo (1981)
07. Yndaya-E - Chico Batera (1979)
08. Que Pelicula - Nonato Buzar (1970)
09. Coisa De Louco - Wilson Simonal (1975)
10. Eu Reu Me Condeno - Helio Matheus (1973)
11. Morena - Roberto Nascimento (1975)
12. Menina, Voce Tem Muito Que Aprender - Silvio Cesar (1971)
13. So Pra Chatear - Pedrinho Rodriques E Os Nacionais (1973)
14. Tenho Sede - Dominguinhos (1976)
15. Preta-Porter De Tafetá - João Bosco (1984)
16. Visco De Jaca - Martinho Da Vila (1974)
17. Acedito Sim - Noriel Vilela (1968)
18. Saudade e Flores - Os Originais do Samba (1974)
19. Maria Bela, Maria Feia - Leci Brandão (1976)
20. Samba Portador Da Alegria - Sapoty da Mangueira (1975)
21. Dendalei - Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos (1974)
22. A Hora E Essa - Célia (1972)
23. Não Peça Perdão - Tom & Dito (1971)
24. Capoeira do Arnaldo - Luiz Carlos Parana (1967)

P.S. A special thank you to Zecalouro @ Lorinox blogspot & SABADABADA blogspot for their contributions to this volume & of course Greg Cas.
If there was ever any doubt about the STRENGTHS of the SAMBA SCENE, let those ghosts be guided back towards the light of CLARITY. I wave my hand & ask that all mystery be transformed into the beautiful truth of Earths rightful place of dance ecstasy.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 8 by J Thyme '07 - 320 kbps - 173 mb (Reup)

Good Budd "J" on the decks today! Anyone care to party?
Step here & let's BOOGIE to a few.
24 more quick looks & listens with our funky, languid friends south of the equator & Yes, you can have a love affair with a country. This is the proof!! I wanna hear some WHOOPS & HOLLAS or else I'll have to try to rock you a bit harder. OK?

St. Julian Samba Showdown 8 by J Thyme '07

01. David - Célia (1971)
02. Europanema - Burnier & Cartier (1974)
03. Reflexos - Quinteto Villa-Lobos & Luizinho Eça (1972)
04. Iboru Iboya - Cravo E Canela (1977)
05. Neblina - Ed Lincoln (1971)
06. Não Nasci Pra Jogador - Betinho (1972)
07. Quem Vai Querer - Eliana Pittman (1977)
08. Partido Rico - João Nogueira (1974)
09. Deixa Pra La - Leci Brandão ( 1976)
10. Profissionalismo E Isso Ai - João Bosco (1980)
11. Estácio, Eu E Você - Luiz Melodia (1973)
12. Glorioso Santo Antonio - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1973)
13. Homenagem Ao Malandro - Emilio Santiago (1979)
14. Se Você Quiser Mas Sem Bronquear - Golden Boys (1970)
15. O Meu Violão - Trio Mocotó (1975)
16. Nao Adianta - Lenny Andrade (1973)
17. Estou Dez Anos Atrasado - Edgar E Os Tais (1970)
18. Filhos De Zambi - Trio Ternura (1974)
19. Seca Brava - Eduardo Araújo (1972)
20. Andei - Airto (1970)
21. Lá Se Foi A Imagem Do Bom Crio - Dóris Monteiro (1973)
22. Olha O Pedagio - Luis Vagner Lopes (1974)
23. Oui, Je Suis Heurese - Tuca (1974)
24. Dose Pra Leao - Osmar Milito (1973)

P.S. Here's the tally.
8 volumes = 192 songs = 9 & a half hours of music.
That's a nice party!
Also, My Samba Showdowns are my SPIRITUAL ESSENCE.
Harmony, Beauty & Joy endlessly extended to ALL. All are my family, not just a few people.
I live on Earth with EVERYBODY, not just a select few.
My Mixes are my heart's wish for JOY on this Earth extended to all who tune into my heart's FLIGHT.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 9 by J Thyme '07 - 320 kbps - 187 mb

I present these nine volumes in the hope of giving the whole world a wonderful focused look at the music of Brasil in the 70's. A fantastic time for music when so many lovely styles are being composed & recorded with the greatest care & respect for the EAR. Here's to your EAR. Enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 9 by J Thyme '07

01. A Barra E Uma So - Abaetê (1977)
02. Tiê - Agora E Samba (1974)
03. Ponta Negra - Beto Guedes / Danilo Caymmi / Novelli / Toninho Horta (1973)
04. Pintura Sem Arte - Candeia (1978)
05. A Hora E Essa - Célia (1972)
06. As Pastoras - César Costa Filho (1977)
07. Adeus Maria Fulo - Claudette Soares (1974)
08. Baiao Violado - Dominguinhos (1976)
09. Tô Chegando Ja Cheguei - Eliana Pittman (1974)
10. Rio Carnaval Dos Caravais - Elza Soares (1972)
11. E Hora - Emilo Santiago (1977)
12. Songa Monga - Free Son (1971)
13. A Morte Do Chico Preto - Geraldo Filme (1980)
14. Parati - João Bosco (1979)
15. Estrela Miuda - João Do Vale (1981)
16. Samba Rubro-Negro - João Nogueira (1979)
17. Danca do Bole Bole - João Roberto Kelly (1977)
18. Oxum - Johnny Alf (1978)
19. A Flor E O Samba - Martinho Da Vila (1971)
20. Cabeca Que Nao Tem Juizo - Os Originais do Samba (1974)
21. Jurar Com Lagrimas - Paulinho Da Viola (1970)
22. Nosso Encontro - Sivuca (1979)
23. Capim Barba De Bode - Tom & Dito (1971)
24. Paciencia - Trama (1973)

P.S. I always feel a little sad at the end of one of these visits with friends. It's always so sad to see them go, but they leave such happy memories that it's always a pleasure to come back & visit them again. Cheers!


Dominguinhos - Oi, Lá Vou Eu! [1977 Philips] 320 kbps - 94 mb (Re-Up)

Gee, I don't think you can find any funkier Country style pop then this. Dominguinhos Forró gets the deluxe disco glam finish from the Philips studios. I think this record is a total sleeper & is again, one that aged really well. Not only is the composition & performance through the roof on this, but the production is out of this world. A very nice listen from start to finish with some very subtle surprises. For those that enjoy a little accordion pop, this stands out in that genre in a big way. Enjoy!

File Under: Forró

P.S. Greg assures us that Dominguinhos recorded these two sides for the Philips label & would never receive this level of studio polish again. These are real stand-outs in this artist's catalog. Thank you kindly for these shares Greg.
This has a WICKED FUNKY EDGE & TONS OF SOUL. Those with an ear for this era of music will detect with repeated listens a highly unique fusion attempted & delivered here. D-E-L-U-X-E.
Also this artist really helps to cross-over Forró to the mainstream of MPB. Bravo!


Erasmo Carlos - Sonhos e Memorias 1941-1972 [1972 Polydor] 320 kbps - 120 mb

Hands down my favorite Rock & Roll LP from Brasil.  Just look at the cover with all of his favorite idols of that era.  Classic Rock from South America & a real treat!  Thank you so much for this share Greg Caz!


Guilherme Vergueiro - Naturalmente [1980 Independent] 320 kbps - 85 mb (Reup)

Do you like piano wizards? I do. What we have here is a glorious example of piano mastery & a beautiful self produced session. Recorded over a two year period. Half recorded in the United States & the other half in São Paulo.
Guilherme Vergueiro is a gifted keyboardist with a graceful scat style to match. Stand out player on this session is Nana Vasconcelos on percussion duties, so please listen for his work here. This is an amazing session & those who love piano will simply adore the styling of Mr. Vergueiro. There isn't one person involved in this recording that doesn't sparkle like a diamond. Really! Enjoy!

I dedicate this post to the late great DJ from the New York area Frankie Crocker whose show on WBLS in New York City would play track three "Dentro De Voce (Inside Of You)" from this LP on his broadcasts. Thank you Frankie. You're remembered!

Frankie "Hollywood" Crocker (December 18, 1937, Buffalo, New York, USA - October 21, 2000, North Miami Beach, Florida) was a famous New York radio DJ. (Coined "Hollywood" for his keen sense of showmanship and self-marketing tactics.) According to popeducation.org, Frankie began his career in Buffalo, then moved to Soul station WWRL New York before being hired by top-40 WMCA in 1969. He later worked for WBLS-FM as program director, taking that station to the top of the ratings during the late 1970s. He sometimes called himself the "Chief Rocker", and he was as well known for his boastful on-air patter as for his off-air flamboyance. When Studio 54 was at the height of its popularity, Crocker rode in through the front entrance on a white stallion. In the studio, before he left for the day, Crocker would light a candle and invite female listeners to enjoy a candlelight bath with him. He signed off the air each night to the tune "Moody's Mood For Love" by vocalese crooner King Pleasure. Crocker, a native of Buffalo, coined the phrase "urban contemporary" in the 1970s, a label for the eclectic mix of songs that he played. He was the master of ceremonies of shows at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and was one of the first V.J.'s on VH-1, the video cable channel. He also played host of the TV show Solid Gold. As an actor, Crocker appeared in five films, including Cleopatra Jones, Five on the Black Hand Side, and Darktown Strutters.
He is credited with introducing Manu Dibango's "Soul Makossa" to American audiences.

File Under: Brasilian Jazz

P.S. This is perhaps the best of the "What Music" releases. If you find yourself enjoying this then stop by the What Music page & buy a copy. OK?


Sonia Santos - Sonia Santos [1975 Som Livre] 320 kbps - 70 mb

Very strong debut by Sonia Santos for the Som Livre label.  Not one bad track on this album.  Excellent example of Samba circa 1975.  Very, very nice!

Marcos Valle - Braziliance! [1967 Warner Bros.] U.S. - 256 kbps - 55 mb

Beautiful LP done for the U.S. market by the very talented Marcos Valle circa 1967.  All instrumentals and a very easy listen for the Easy Listening audience.  Might that be you?


Ana Mazzotti - Ninguém Vai Me Segurar [1974 Top Tape] 320 kbps - 95 mb

Another beautiful album of Brasilian Soul Jazz with incredible keyboard duties by Jose Roberto Bertrami on Moog, Arp, Organ, Fender Rhodes & Melotron.  Very Nice!

Celeste - Cinco E Triste Da Manhã [1978 Tapecar] 320 kbps - 74 mb

This has aged really well.  Great singer from Bahia.  João Gilberto once said she was one of his favorite singers from that region.  A bit slow and a bit ballady in spots, but has a few very nice moments and her voice is quite nice!  Like the gentle soul vibe of it.  Nice example of Brasilian Soul.  Give it a try.

P.S.  Not the most Solid Listen I've ever posted, but half of this disc is pretty good.


Luiz Henrique & Walter Wanderley - Popcorn [1968 Verve] U.S. - 320 kbps - 78 mb

What can I say about this yummy late 60's Brasilian Jazz-Pop crossover LP? LOTS! Those of us who've had that dopey song "Happy Birthday" sung to us, have never heard it sung this way. This version of that holiday favorite gets that Braz-Jazz reworking that's just the "Cat's Meow". VERY, VERY MEMORABLE! Next we're off to the "Caberet", which is a big tip off that, yes, he was dating young Liza Minelli at the time of this recording. I don't know who was smarter, but Luiz laid it to wax before she would do the film. So there! Good move Luiz. On both Liza & her taste in music. The whole record's great & there's even a Bossa version of "Home On The Range" which strikes me as very late 60's & slightly on a hit of acid. Home On The Range? Bizarre! A super sweet follow up to "Barra Limpa" from 1967 on the verve label also. This time with Walter Wanderley taking over where Sivuca left off on Barra Limpa. I simply adore any early to late 60's Verve LP's. This is another perfect example of their leading edge for U.S. Latin Jazz. Get this!

File Under: MPB/ U.S. Brasilian Jazz


Os Originais Do Samba - O Samba É A Corda...Os Originais A Cacamba [1972 RCA Victor] 320 kbps - 99 mb

This was my first exposure to this group some 10 years ago. I've since falling in love with this band's other LP's as well. This is good place to start though. The early 70's is a moment when the recording of Samba-Pop is reaching a peak. This is one such moment.

Os Originais Do Samba
O Samba É A Corda...Os Originais A Cacamba [1972 RCA Victor]

01. Do Lado Direito Da Rua Direita
02. Catimba Criolo
03. Ciranda, Cirandeia (Recife Em Dia De Festa)
04. Esperanças Perdidas
05. Cravos E Rosas
06. As Três Capitais
07. Eu Vou Pagar Para Ver
08. Tchuna Marucaiaô
09. Boi Bumbá
10. E Lá Se Vão Meus Aneis
11. Tereza
12. Lá Vem Salgueiro
13. A Volta Do Ponteiro

File Under: Samba

P.S. A Samba Masterpiece! This session is on fire. If you find yourself enjoying this album, then don't miss either - Alegria de Sambar [1975 RCA Victor] or Os Bons Sambistas Vão Voltar [1977 RCA Victor]. Both are excellent.


Wanda Sá - Wanda Vagamente [1964 RGE] 256 kbps - 59 mb (Reup)

I post this one simply to provide some context to my Edu Lobo offering. This lovely lady is the wife of Edu & this happens to be one the great Bossa sessions. Fans of Nara or any of the lovely ladies of this era such as Dóris Monteiro, Claudette Soares or Gracinha Leporace will love this. One of the all time great LP covers. Great design! Every time I play this record I'm singing track one "Adriana" for days. A very enjoyable listen & a fine debut.

Wanda Sá - Wanda Vagamente [1964 RGE]

01. Adriana (Luiz Fernando Freire - Roberto Menescal)
02. E Vem O Sol (Paulo Sergio Valle - Marcos Valle)
03. Encontro (Nelson Motta - Wanda Sá)
04. Só Me Fez Bem (Edu Lobo - Vinicius de Moraes)
05. Mar Azul (João Vitório - Francis Hime)
06. Também Quem Mandou (Carlos Lyra - Vinicius de Moraes)
07. Tristeza De Nós Dois (Maurício Einhorn - Durval Ferreira - Bebeto)
08. Vivo Sonhando (Tom Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes)
09. Sem Mais Adeus (Francis Hime - Vinicius de Moraes)
10. Inútil Paisagem (Tom Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes)
11. Tristeza De Amar (Luiz Roberto - Geraldo Vandré)
12. Vagamente (Roberto Menescal - Ronaldo Bôscoli)

File Under: MPB/ Bossa Nova

P.S. This is the Japanese re-issue on the Bomba imprint & that always means beautiful re-mastering.


Claudette Soares - Claudette Nº3 [1970 Philips] 320 kbps -137 mb

1969 & 1970 find this artist at a creative peak!  Claudette's voice and the arrangements really make this record spectacular!  Enjoy!


Claudette Soares - Feitinha Pro Sucesso ou Quem Não É A Maior Tem Que Ser A Melhor [1969 Philips] 320 kpbs - 71 mb

My favorite album this past year.  Just perfect!  Amazing in every way!  Great songs.  Incredible arrangements.  Claudette has one of the most incredible voices of this era.  This album is a masterpiece of Brasilian Pop circa 1969.  Enjoy!

Thank you Greg for this share.  I've spun this a hundred times, it's that good!

P.S.  1969 was a creative peak for this artist.  Claudette released two LP's in that year and both are a delight!  Also, her 1970 album is gem too!


Dave Pike plays the music of João Donato - Bossa Nova Carnival [1962 New Jazz/Prestige] 320 kbps - 88 mb (Reup)

Since I'm looking at the early genius of João Donato, then this is a perfect place to start. This recording precedes the Bud Shank LP by two years. Vibist Dave Pike lays down a perfect session of all Donato material & is joined by Clark Terry on horn & Kenny Burrell on guitar. If I had one critique of this early U.S. recording of this Brasilian talent & his material it would be with the drummer. A Brasilian on the kits would have been a better choice, but that said, this is still a very enjoyable listen. If you like vibraphones, then please don't miss this excellent vibed-out take on Donato. A winner & this is the Japanese issue & nicely remastered. Kinda deluxe in its own low-key way. Enjoy!

File Under: MPB/Brasilian Jazz

P.S. One last point. Some often think of the Early 60's as "The Beatles" era, when in truth is was as much about Bossa Nova, Bob Dylan & Motown too. To music & creativity where ever it may spring from.


St. Julian Samba Showdown 40 by J Thyme '14 - 175 mb - 256 kbps (reup)

St. Julian Samba Showdown 40 by J Thyme '14

01. Expresso 2222 - Wilson Simonal (1972)
02. Kathy - Moacir Santos (1974)
03. Deusa Do Rio Niger - Elza Soares (1974)
04. Exaltação a Tiradentes - Mano Décio da Viola (1975)
05. Refem da Solidao - Maria Odete (1973)
06. Alô! Alô! Taí Carmen Miranda - Brazilian Singers (1972)
07. Patria Amada - Sonia Santos (1975)
08. Ele e Ela - Quinteto Ternura (1974)
09. Uma Canção a Mais - Orquestra Som Livre (1973)
10. Quando O Carnaval Chegar - Quarteto Em Cy (1972)
11. Boca Calada - Wando (1977)
12. Maria Das Mercedes - Djavan (1976)
13. Não Adianta - Trio Mocotó (1975)
14. Ciranda, Cirandeia (Recife Em Dia De Festa) - Os Originais Do Samba (1972)
15. Ossos Do Oficio - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1975)
16. O Pião - Rildo Hora (1971)
17. Que Nem Giló - Claudette Soares (1969)
18. Coco Verde - Dóris Monteiro (1971)
19. Voce Abusou - Maria Creusa (1971)
20. Tele Tema (Tema De Amor) - Regininha (1969)
21. Espanta O Grilo - Cláudia (1972)
22. Cordão - Ana Mazzotti (1974)
23. Prezada Amada - Pacífico Mascarenhas (1971)
24. Cotidiano nº 2 - Toquinho e Vinícius (1971)

Enjoy!  With all my love.  Happy New Year!


St. Julian Samba Showdown 39 by J Thyme '14 by J Thyme - 192 kbps - 198 mb

St. Julian Samba Showdown 39 by J Thyme '14 by J Thyme

01. Irmãos De Sol - Wilson Simonal (1972)
02. A Procura de Um Mundo Melhor - Os Caçulas (1969)
03. Pranto Livre - Elza Soares (1974)
04. Sabiá Roxa - Os Tincoãs (1973)
05. É Sempre Assim - Ângela Maria (1971)
06. Chuva, suor e cerveja - Brazilian Singers (1972)
07. Verde e Branco - Sonia Santos (1975)
08. Dentes Brancos Do Mundo - Claudette Soares (1969)
09. Eu Nao Tenho Ninguem - Claudia Regina (1973)
10. Terremoto - João Donato (1973)
11. Chegando - Quinteto Ternura (1974)
12. Amazonas - Roberto Menescal (1969)
13. I Say A Little Prayer - Brasilia Modern Six (1969)
14. Mais Kriola - Helio Matheus (1975)
15. Não Sei - Sonia Santos (1976)
16. Santos, Em Outros Tempos - Mano Décio da Viola (1975)
17. Procissão - Luiz Gonzaga (1971)
18. Esse Meu Cantar - João Nogueira (1979)
19. O Vento Que Soprou - Pacífico Mascarenhas (1971)
20. Helena & I - Mario Castro-Neves (1973)
21. Canaa - Carlos Lyra (1975)
22. 3 Horas Da Manha - Tamba Trio (1975)
23. Meu Barato - Ed Lincoln (1971)
24. Meu Refrao - Dóris Monteiro (1966)

An end of Summer offering to friends of this page.  Hope you find something to enjoy here.  Put together with the greatest love for this era of Brasilian popular song.  
All 39 volumes equals 950 tracks.  We have listened to many songs!

The one quality that guides this series is FIDELITY!  Track 18 "Esse Meu Cantar" by João Nogueira is Ultra High Fidelity.  Listen to the bass saturation.  Clean.  Warm.  Full of centered depth.  High Art!

Gary McFarland - Soft Samba [1964 Verve] 320 kbps - 76 mb (Reup)

I present this disc to go with my last 3 posts. This is so in an easy spirit & could almost be passed over as not really that important, but it kinda is. I think this record is important on few levels. First, God bless Gary for his warm embrace of the hottest young team of songwriters called The Beatles. How Jazz of him to cool down their hot tunes with a lovely Gary McFarland reading. Perhaps he shows how "Elevator Music" they are already? The other clue is the Samba in the title. This is so aware of all that's blooming on the early 60's landscape. From a kiss to James Bonds "From Russia With Love" to Bossa, to "The Beatles", to "La Vie En Rose". This is only a 29 minute little breeze of a set, but what a lovely breeze just passed. Full of warmth & a very light heart. I think this would sit nicely with the other 3 discs that I've just presented. One last thing, this is the very same moment on the Verve label as "Getz/Gilberto" [1963 Verve] U.S. & "Getz/Gilberto #2" [1964 Verve] U.S. & we know how large those sets loom. "Soft Samba" was one of the better selling LP's of that time & that's good considering that "The Beatles" were getting ready to take over for the next few years & would basically push Jazz way out of the limelight FOREVER. A sweet Jazz album of excellent vibes & scat vocalizing by Gary & gang. Enjoy.

File Under: Latin Jazz/ U.S. Bossa Jazz


Os Tincoãs - Os Tincoãs [1973 Odeon] 320 kbps - 69 mb

Os Tincoãs - Os Tincoãs [1973 Odeon]

01. Deixa A Gira Gira
02. Lansã Mãe Virgem
03. Sabiá Roxa
04. Agundê
05. Na Beira Do Mar
06. Raposa E Guará
07. Saudação Aos Orixás
08. Canto Pra Lemanjá
09. Capela Daajuda
10. Obaluaê
11. A Força Da Jurema
12. Embola Embola

Been wanting to share this disc for quite some time.  Just beautiful.  12 songs done in 27 minutes is my kind of record.  Hats off to Odeon for directing it's studio wizards to hook this very sweet vocal trio up with all the loving care this set deserves.  Very striped down sound here.  Just guitar, conga and agogo and lovely three part vocal harmonies.  I love this record very, very much.  Very soothing and uplifting in its Earthiness.  Very direct and simple songwriting here.  Lovely song offerings to the Orishas.  Bravo to Odeon for giving this humble secular set of songs the proper polish to let it shine in its simplicity.  Lullibies to the elements of all creation.  Give it a few spins and let it warm your soul with its simple joy.  You won't be bored by this 27 minute recording.  Trust me.

This record goes out to my dear friend Miranda.  Thanks for listening to this one with me.  You have great taste in music.

Betinho - Os Maiores Sucessos De Betinho (Em Tele-Novelas) [1974 Soma] 320 kbps - 79 mb (Reup)

01. Subinde O Espigao (O ESPIGAO)
02. Teresa (CORRIDA DO OURO)
03. Planta Baixa (FOGO SOBRE TERRA)
04. Saque Saque (O PRIMEIRO AMOR)
05. Moco (O BOFE)
07. Lucia Espararapo (O CAFONA)
08. Chega De Enganar A Nega (OSSOS DO BARAO)
09. Voce Tem Tempo (LINGUINHA)
10. Luzes, Camara, Acao (O CAFONA)
11. Nao Nasci Pra Jogador (BANDEIRA 2)
12. Garota De Aquarius (MINHA DOCE NARMORADA)

Here's a strange one. A whole LP of songs performed by Betinho from Television Novelas. Each song from a different TV movie.
This is truely one that I would suggest to hardcore Brasil collectors. A sweet little rarity shared from the collection of Greg C. Thanks Greg. Love this little record. Super nice!

File Under: MPB / Brasilian Pop

P.S. The guy must have had some talent to get all this soundtrack work? Also, you'd have to own 11 soundtracks to hear these songs, so this is a real treat! Whoever thought to compile these tracks into one disc had a brainstorm. This is my idea of a perfect Pop record! Flawless.

Luiz Henrique - Barra Limpa [1967 Verve] 320 kbps - 85 mb (Reup)

Stunning example of late 60's Bossa-Pop served up U.S. style by the Verve label. Great on every level. Superb songwriting. Excellent guitar work & vocals by Luiz. The icing on this already amazing session is Sivuca on accordion & scat vocals, so please listen for his work here. Not one wrong move on this session & that's the electric bass replacing the upright for this very fresh update of what Brasilian Jazz should sound like in 1967. This has real magic, charm & innocence. A light breeze of a session. Sway in the palms with Luiz, Sivuca & gang. Enjoy!

File Under: Bossa Jazz

P.S. Japanese Issue here & nicely re-mastered. This would sit nicely next to "Samba '68" by Marcos Valle for fans of that Verve session.


Wilson Simonal - Se Dependesse De Mim [1972 Philips] 320 kbps - 121 mb (reup)

I'm reposting this disc.  This page has been blessed with a deluxe rip from our friend Greg Caz.  All tracks from the original disc plus 4 bonus tracks from singles of the same moment.  Thank you Greg!

Wilson Simonal - Se Dependesse De Mim [1972 Philips]
01. Se Dependesse De Mim
02. Quarto De Tereza
03. Irmãos De Sol
04. Mexerico Da Candinha
05. Maria
06. Saravá
07. Feitio De Oração
08. Gloria e Paz Nas Alturas
09. Ninguém Tasca (O Gavião)
10. Expresso 2222
11. A Quem Interessar Possa
12. Noves Fora
13. Não Me Deixe Sozinho
14. BONUS: Tanauêra
15. BONUS: Paz e Arroz
16. BONUS: Homem De Verdade
17. BONUS: Viva Em Paz

Hands down my favorite album by this amazing singer.  I like the switch to the Philips label.  The production and song choices are simply amazing.  Standout tracks for me are, "Irmãos De Sol" with it's heavenly vocal arrangement and Wilson's voice just soars to the heavens on this one.  The angels sing!
"Feitio De Oracao" with it's jazzy stylings and smooth delivery from Wilson's suave voice.  Wonderful arrangement!  "Paz e Gloria Nas Alturas",  lovely buildup and very nice choral payoff and funky, funky, funky finish.   "Expresso 2222" retells Gilberto Gil's composition and polishes it up with very fleshed production and outstanding choral backing.  Incredible recording on every level.  A real treat for fans of MPB of this era.  Enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 18 by J Thyme '08 - 256 kbps - 152 mb (reup)

Well friends, I present my end of Summer post. With these last weeks of Summer here's volume 18 of the Saint Julian Samba Showdown series. If you've not heard the other 17 volumes of this series, then I don't think that this is best place to start. Please try earlier issues of this compilation series first. For those of you who do like the sound of Brasil in the 70's & are ready to continue on with this carnival celebration, then by all means jump aboard. Goodbye Summer & hello to Autumn. If you find yourself missing the warm days of Summer then just throw this on. Enjoy!

St. Julian Samba Showdown 18 by J Thyme '08

01. Girl - Tuca (1974)
02. Fim De Tristeza - Caçulinha (1975)
03. Mon Ami João - Nonato Buzar (1975)
04. A Cor Da Esperanca - Cartola (1979)
05. Faz Tanto Tempo - Renata Lú (1971)
06. Anastácio - Samba Enredo Para Um Sambista Morto - César Costa Filho (1973)
07. Contra Tempo Na Contra Danca - Sonia Lemos (1976)
08. Raiz E Flor - Roberto Ribeiro (1985)
09. Sorriso De Criança - Dona Ivone Lara (1979)
10. Bisavô - Nonato E Seu Conjunto (1974)
11. Exaltacao a Tiradentes - Maria Creuza (1976)
12. Rei Sem Saber - Jorginho do Império (1975)
13. Tenha Fé, Pois Amanhã Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer - Salinas (1972)
14. Teté Das Lendas Rurais - Arnaud Rodrigues (1976)
15. Vaidosa - Os Magnatas Do Samba (1971)
16. Pelo Amor de Deus - Emilio Santiago (1982)
17. Sob O Mar - Jaime Alem & Nair Candia (1974)
18. Sempre Mangueira - Nelson Cavaquinho (1972)
19. Grande Dor - Os Cinco Crioulos (1968)
20. Tem Dendê - Osmar Milito (1973)
21. Vou Levanto Meu Canto - Os Originais do Samba (1977)
22. A Cor Da Esperança - João Nogueira (1978)
23. Kabaluere - Antônio Carlos & Jocafi (1971)
24. O Mundo Melhor de Pixinguinha - Brasilian Singers (1974)